Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August 4 & 5, 2014 Ready, Set, Go

OK, we are going to take a road trip. 
We had a meeting with the boat yard manager.  They can pull the boat out Wednesday to have it painted.  And once they get the OK from the insurance company, they will begin the lightning repairs.  They gave us an estimate for the painting and one for the insurance. 

So we spent Monday and Tuesday getting things ready for the boat to be taken out of the water.  And getting things ready for the technicians to be able to have access to the areas they need to work on the boat. 

Then there is always laundry, packing and cleaning out the refrigerator.

Our friends from NY that we met in Charleston, Alex, Seng and Kaya, had a cook out tonight and invited us.  Their nephew Kaya is leaving for Miami on Thursday, so they wanted to have a going away party for him.  They grilled chicken that they have had in their freezer from Panama.  It was delicious.  And another boat neighbor gave us some of his father's own BBQ sauce called Pork and Peck'r with a picture of a pig and a chicken on the bottle.  It was very good. 

All packed, showered and off to bed.

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  1. Hi Mary and Dave: Libbo and I took your lead and are writing a blog of our Airstream camping trip to the west at www.libboandron.blogspot.com
    Happy Sailing!
    Libbo and Ron