Monday, August 4, 2014

August 1,2,3 2014

Friday:  Rainy Day
We woke up a few times during the night to thunderstorms.  And it rained most of the morning, too.  Dave started organizing his “garage”, our guest cabin.  We’ve been able to make room for a single person in there.  But the only couple we had stay aboard, Jackie and Brian, slept in the salon.  The dining table makes into a bed.

This evening, I taught a 16 year old, Kaya, to play cribbage.  The first game we played showing every hand.  But he had it by the end and played a good second game.  Then we shared some card tricks.  He is on Daydreamer, the nephew of our friends we met in Charleston.

Saturday: Errands still raining
Shelly finished all of our saloon cushions for the salon today.  All that is left is the 2 that make the table into a bed and 2 small one in our cabin.  She left for her mother’s for about a week.  So hopefully we will connect when she returns to complete the job. 

This afternoon, Miami and I ran errands to West Marine, Home Depot and Walmart.  One thing I bought at Walmart was regular popping corn.  We are trying not to use the microwave and may just get rid of it because it takes so much energy to run.  It’s OK at a marina, but not on our battery power.  So Dave popped two pans without burning any and without too many left over kernels.  And of course he didn’t measure anything.  Reminded me of popcorn as I was growing up.  It was almost a nightly ritual.  And my dad liked a piece of apple afterwards.  I don’t think we knew anything about floss at the time, so that was probably his way of getting the hulls out of his teeth.  And we HAD to watch a movie as we ate our popcorn. 

Sunday: church and a play and rain
Happy Birthday Jackie Killion and Mya Krause!
I went to St Mark’s Catholic church last Sunday.  Their bulletin announced that this Sunday they would have “summer choir” at the 11:30 mass.  Anyone can come an hour early, practice and then sing with the choir.  So I did.  I have really missed singing with the choir like I did back in SD for many years.  I also miss my good friends in the choir. 

They were very welcoming and excited to have me join them, about 10 people today.  Alex, the director, reminded me of Joey Lore from Rapid City, SD.  And they invited me to join them next week or anytime I am back in the area.  I visited with one of the altos, Shirley, before and after mass.  We ended up going to a local production of “Kiss Me Kate” that afternoon in Wilmington.  The choir director said “the altos always have so much fun”.  I thought it was just our choir back in SD, but I guess it’s a universal thing :) 

The Thalian theater was built between 1855 & 1892.  And it’s restoration was completed in 1990.  It was beautiful and the acoustics were great (with microphones on the actors).  What a fun show and great talent.  I had never seen it.  Shirley an I enjoyed getting to know each other better.  If we are here longer, we may take in a concert this week.   

It was strange to leave the boat at 10:00 this morning and not return until 7:00 (I picked up Thai food on the way home). 

choir practice

Thalian theater

Thalian theater

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