Wednesday, August 20, 2014

August 11, 2014 View of Toronto

I wanted to go up the CN tower, especially since we were only a couple blocks away from it.  Dave didn’t care to go, so Silvia said she’d go with me.  She actually got to go free.  It was a beautiful view of Toronto.  The tower is about 1500 feet tall and the observation deck is at about 1000 feet.  There was also a section of glass floor to stand on for a thrill.    

At 4:30, we met Kaye Leslie at the condo, then she joined Dave and me at Fionn McCool’s.  Dave arranged to meet a sailing friend, Marius and his wife Ella.  Dave had taken a sailing course with Marius in 2005 and they have stayed in touch through Facebook since then.  So today we met for a beer and then they joined us for dinner at Chris and Silvia’s.  They were such a nice couple and fun to visit with.

Dave made Low Country Boil of shrimp, sausage, potatoes and corn.  It was another great evening of visiting until about 9:00.   Chris, Silvia and Kaye talked to Marius and Ella about the Blind Sailing Asso and had them exchange info with each other so they could become volunteer skippers.  Great connections. 

When Dave teases friends, they usually look at me to see if I am rolling my eyes to see if he is joking or telling the truth.  But Silvia would just jump right in with "oh Dave!" without being able to see my eyes.  That's when you know you are good friends.  They get Dave's jokes.      

We finally heard from our boat insurance company today.  They approved all the work that the surveyor recommended.  So now the work can begin.

condo building is the bottom oval building to the right of the stadium

the marina with 2 of the sailboats.  there is an airport on an island in Lake Ontario

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