Thursday, June 8, 2023

November 13-16, 2022 Porchfest

11-13 Sunday. Porchfest was held today.  It’s a local yearly event in the historic district of Brunswick.  There are about 15 front porches that have local musicians playing from 1:00 to 5:00.  Most of them have musicians changing every hour.  Pete played guitar and sang on a porch at 1:00.  We borrowed a wheel chair from another boater for Alice to use.  They were also from Wisconsin.  Her parents had just visited and she bought one for her father to use.  Now she just wants others to use it as needed.  Very nice.  
We set up lawn chairs for Pete’s hour.  Many friends from the marina joined us.  He sounded fantastic, as always.


After he finished and packed up his gear, we walked around to other stages, and wheeled Alice.  We found the food trucks and had some good eats.  


We stayed until about 5:00.  Pete came by the house that evening to visit with his Grandma.  Great day.

11-14 We hung out together at the airbnb most of the day.  We had a fun shrimp dinner at the house that night and Pete joined us again.  
11-15 Tuesday We have to leave for Savannah early Wednesday morning to take Dean and Alice back to the airport.  So we packed up most of our belongings today and took them back to the boat.  Alice and I stayed at the marina and played cards with my friends at their usual Tuesday card day.  Everyone enjoyed having Alice join us.  Dave and Dean took Pete’s sound equipment back to the storage unit and ran some other errands.  They picked us up to go to Wille’s Jewel’s BBQ for dinner, our favorite BBQ.  
11-16 Wednesday. We left the house by 8:30 am for Savannah.  They had no issues with their flights and were back in Minneapolis in plenty of time to make the 2 hour trip to Cumberland with Debbie.  
I spent the day unpacking our things from the airbnb.  
Dave made rope handles to attach to the dodger.  We felt like we could use extra hand holds when boarding the boat.  He spliced the rope he needed.  That’s a good craft to know as a boater.  

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