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April 20-25, 2022 waterproof USB charger, oil gage, engine exhause through hull

4-20 Wednesday More laundry today.
Dave had installed a water proof USB charger in our cockpit while we were in Brunswick.  



Today he ran the electricity to it. Which involves working in the aft cabin.  
While he was in the area, he installed an oil gauge for our Yanmar diesel engine.  I’m always impressed with his mechanical abilities


Dave has been researching tips for making bread and now wants to try different recipes and techniques.  Today he made baguettes.  So much for my low carb diet.


This evening I had my FaceTime chat with my siblings.  It is working ok in the Bahamas.  Luckily we have been able to get wifi wherever we’ve been.  Some days the signal is stronger than others, but we make do.   

4-21Thursday I defrosted the freezer today while Dave cleaned more rust off of the deck from this metal grinding a few days ago.  
We used Dave’s baguettes to make pizza.  We just cut them lengthwise and added sauce and toppings.  Beautiful sunset behind someone else's boat.

4-22 Friday Dave continued to work on connecting the new vent to the holding tanks.  There is one vent fitting coming out of the tank.  He tied the second vent hose in with the original hose.  He thought one of the fittings was broken but realized it was only the seal.  Wasn’t sure where he would have gotten the part he would have needed if it was really broken.  He had to place 4200 sealant and let it sit for 24 hours.

the connection on top of the holding tank

amazing what he can get done in tight spaces

We are still taking on some water under the engine compartment (started in 2018!).  Dave could see 2 dried streaks on the inside of the hull where the exhaust through hull was leaking.  He decided to reseal the engine exhaust through hull on the starboard aft hull.   It is above the water line and was the only through hull we didn’t replace in 2020.  He had to get in the dinghy to work on the outside.  And he had to climb into the aft starboard lazerette to work from the inside.  

he was working on the exhaust through hull on the left

the aft lazerette is open for Dave to crawl in to work

Dave tucked inside the lazerette


We went to shore to get fuel and propane mid afternoon.  We used the dock at a restaurant, Wild Orchids that was close to the gas station.  They weren’t open to ask permission, so assumed it would be ok.  When we brought the fuel back, the restaurant was open.  I decided I should stay and have a beer while Dave went to a hardware store.  Team work is what it’s all about.  They weren’t busy, so I had a nice visit with the waitress.  Very nice place.

That night, we had another dinghy drift with DJ and JoDanna.  We had 5 boats total rafted together.  It was windier, so we put out an anchor instead of being blown across the sound.  After about an hour, it started to rain and cut the drift short.  One couple seemed familiar. She had an unusual name, so I looked it up in my “boat cards” back at the boat.  Yes, we had met in Rhode Island in 2018.  Again, small boating world.

Saturday 4-23 Dave finished the through hull project today.  The adhesive had to set for 24 hours.  He replaced the hose and tightened the clamps (which were an issue addressed in 2020). 
We enjoyed popcorn and a movie that night.  We watched Les Miserables.  It brings back so many great memories of Pete playing Jean valJean when he as a senior in high school and Javier in the community theater about 7 years later.  Those songs will be in our head for several days.  So proud of Pete!

Sunday 4-24. Dave took me in the dingy to shore to go to church using the dock at Wild Orchids.  That way I would stay cleaner for church if I didn’t have to tie up the dinghy.  It was only about one block to the church from there.  There was no priest or deacon present, but the congregation decided they would hold a church service on those Sundays.  It was unusual, but nice to be a part of.  

4-25 Monday Today was “town day”.  We each had our assignments.  Dave refilled a propane bottle and picked up diesel.  In Rock Sound, he has to walk a block or so with the 5 gallon jerry cans for fuel, which are pretty heavy when full. So he spreads that task over a couple days.
I went to the grocery store.  There are two.  The closest one is smaller, but generally has what we need, depending on what day of the week you are there.  Since my back was better, but not wanting to stress it, Dave met me to carry the groceries back to the dock.  It was about 8 blocks to the store.  
We decided to go to Wild Orchids for lunch.  Just like in the states, meals are generally cheaper at lunch time.  We shared their Wild Orchid special hamburger and their BBQ wings.  Both were excellent.  Very nice atmosphere and service.  The waitress remembered “Miss Mary” from a couple days ago. 

weekly supply boat coming into Rock Sound

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