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April 10, 2022 Palm Sunday in Governor's Harbour

Palm Sunday!!  We moved the boat back to Governors Harbour this morning and had a much better set with our anchor.  The wind and waves were no longer fighting us, so more comfortable.  Dave took me to shore about 11:30 for the 12:00 mass.  I couldn’t remember exactly where the church was located, but had a pretty good idea that I would walk 4-6 blocks.  
The beach was too shallow to take me to shore.  I had to get out and walk through the water to get to shore.  I had brought a dry bag with a bottle of water and a towel to clean my feet. 


Dave's in the dinghy halfway back to our boat

 I did have to walk several blocks, but arrived plenty early.  My back was still bothering me, so I went in early.  Luckily, this was the first Catholic Church I had been to in the Bahamas with air conditioning!  Sitting against a hard surface, which we don’t have in the boat, I could feel that the left side of my back was swollen.  When the priest from Gregory Town arrived, Kevin, his organist, was with him.  He recognized me from our visit in Gregory town last week.  

my commute to church
St Paul Catholic church
St Paul's catholic church

Being Palm Sunday, we all assembled outside before mass to bless the Palms and walk around the church property to replicate following Jesus with our palms.  This really stressed my back, but I made it.  Kevin really had a lively way of playing music and leading the congregation.  He had an electric organ at this church.  Many of the churches here have no accompaniment.  So this was a treat. 

I'm always hiding my phone to begin with, but then bring it up to photo if comfortable, hence the program view first.

Dave came back the beach to pick me up.  We enjoyed another lazy day on the boat.





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