Monday, February 6, 2023

April 11, 12, 13, 2022

 4-11 Monday We did another load of laundry by hand and hung it to dry.  I did my yoga again but also applied a warm “water bottle” to my back.  I put a beach towel inside a dry bag, then poured hot water on it and closed the bag.  It really worked well and held the heat for a long time.
Dave spent the day organizing the aft cabin, our “garage”.  We store spare parts and tools there instead of having it furnished for guests.  

4-12 Tuesday We washed sheets today.  Dave has to run an extra line between the mast and the jib sail to keep the sheets off the deck as they dry.  He notice our Bahamian courtesy flag was tattered from all the wind we have had, so took it down to sew the tattered end.  In that process, he saw that the flag halyard clips were worn, too.  This has been one of the windiest years, and we’ve only been here a month.  So he replaced them today.  

A friend from Brunswick anchored near Levi Island, better holding.  He had 2 crew members with him and had just taken one to an airport with a rental car.  So they were turning the island today while they had the car.  We made plans to get together tomorrow.

4-13 Wednesday We made bread today for the first time in 3 years.  We usually made 2 loaves at at time in 2 bread pans.  Dave wanted to try making the bread in a baguette shape.  So we made 3 baguettes to fit side by side in a cake pan.  9x13 is the largest pan that fits in our oven.  We also used a smaller tray in the bottom of the oven filled with water.  The steam is supposed to make the crust harder.  We didn’t notice a difference, so Dave is going to google that.

We had dinner on Nova with our friends.  We met Jed and Amy in Brunswick.  They were not spending the winter together, so we are calling him “just Jed”.  He had different crew at different times over the several months that he has been here.  He is actually trying to find a good crew to cross the Atlantic with him.  This is a nice way to see how you work and live together before making that commitment.  Tonight we met 2 ladies from England, Helen and Bianca.  Bianca is originally from Moldova.  It was fun to catch up with Jed, and to meet these 2 women.  They were both in the late 20’s.  It’s fun to hear their stories of how and why they are crewing on a boat in the Bahamas at their age.  

Jed, Mary, Dave

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