Monday, October 26, 2020

MaY 10-15, 2020 St Marys Boatservices week 3

Sunday, May 10, Mother’s Day- Pete and I took a road trip to Fenandina Beach, FL for the day.  We took a walk on the beach and made a new video for the Jimmy Buffett concerts that were shown online.  We had a nice late lunch/early dinner before heading back.



Dave worked on mounting the macerator in the aft head and fitting the hoses.  It was a challenge to fit into the space available.

Monday May 11-On our way to the boatyard this morning, we had to stop at a hardware store for pipe fittings. 

The new hoses for the heads were made in Turkey and cost $15foot.  It had a 1/5 inch inside diameter.  And Dave was very pleased at how smooth the inside was.  It was easy to fit the hose barbs. 


Everything had to dry 24 hours and later go back and tighten.   So always tasks to finish.  Pete cleaned the excess caulk from the through hulls on the hull side.  Dave cleaned out the raw water intake for the water maker.  That water had been sitting in there for quite some time and was really stinky.

Tuesday, May 12-We finished attaching all the fittings for the through hulls.  The Galley and the aft head were done.  We can live aboard again with those two areas completed.  I assisted Pete with placing gel coat in areas of fiberglass repair for the useless well on the stern.  And Pete filled the old screw holes with epoxy.  Then we re-drilled them for screws. 

Wednesday, May 13-Dave worked on the forward head.  He had to figure out how to install a larger macerator in the small space available.  He removed the AC box and the DC junction box to get them out of the way.  And later replaced them in almost the same spot.  The air conditioning duct to the v-berth ran under this area.  Dave had to drill a 4 inch hole in the wall to relocate the air conditioner duct hose.  He loved his new baby SawsAll for jobs like this.  Since everything was open, we decided to replace all of the air conditioner duct hoses.  We have always wondered if that would help get rid of the “boat smell” that showed up when we used the air conditioner.  He ordered the duct work from Defender and that will be done once we’re back at Brunswick Landing Marina.

Dave hooked up the forward head sink and shower and raw water intake for the toilet.  The new through hull scoop for the engine arrived late on Monday, so Dave installed that today.  Pete finished cleaning the 4200 off of the through hulls on the hull side. 

Thursday, May 14- Pete had another Dr’s appointment in Brunswick with his surgeon.
I spent some time cleaning under the galley sink while it was wide open and under the stove and worked on the stove top.  I’m ready to move back into my “kitchen”.  

We were ready to launch our boat tomorrow.  The boatyard owner asked if we had checked for leaks.  Good idea.   We have a tool that looked like a plunger with a water hose hooked to it.  I stood under the boat and pushed it up against the hull over each through hull.  I squeezed a pistol grip to run water into the through hull.   Dave was on the inside watching for any leaks.  Of course, I had to wear a raincoat since I was under the through hulls on the outside.  You had to have a strong sturdy grip to hold the plunger end against the hull.  Of course, the water would leak around the edge and shower me.  This tool can also be used to check your engine.  It can run water into the engine when you are out of the water.  We were good to go!!

Friday, May 15-Almost 3 weeks into our one week plan of being in the boatyard.  Luckily, the airbnb house we were staying at was available for us to stay the extra days.  We checked out that morning and then went out for breakfast at the Cedar Oak cafe in St Mary’s.  It was one of our favorite places back in 2016.
We unloaded our suitcases and the food from the airbnb onto the boat.  Then I drove to Brunswick to leave Pete’s car there.  Friends were heading to Florida and brought me back to St Marys. 

Dave and Pete did some finishing touches of gel coat on the stern useless well.  Dave drilled through the epoxy to replace the door on the useless stern well.

I returned just in time to launch our boat at 4:30.  


We motored for about 90 minutes and anchored by Cumberland Island for the night.  It’s always great to be back on the water.

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