Thursday, August 23, 2018

June 30, 2018 Portland Pudgy and fuel bladder

Joe and Erin are driving to Milwaukee, WI today, not Minneapolis, to see Erin’s sister.  So we had a nice breakfast together before they left. 

We decided to spend one more day at the marina to get everything ready to go off shore.  I cleaned the boat and prepared some things for meals while we were traveling.  Dave tried out the canopy made for our Portland Pudgy.  This will be our life boat, should we need it.  Then he moved it to the stern of the boat to make it easier to deploy.  He moved the other dinghy to the deck.  I helped when needed to raise it using the winch as Dave positioned it in place. 

Dave also back flushed our air conditioner and cleaned the screen again.  He felt better getting the sea water flushed out so it will work better the next time we need it.  We only use it if we are at a marina and have power. 

We bought a 50 gallon fuel bladder to carry extra fuel.  Dave positioned it on the deck aft of the mast and put 20 gallons in it.  Someone in Brunswick, GA had a 25 gallon bladder.  He could only put 20 gallons in it because of how it lays on the deck.  So we went with the larger one, and don’t need to fill it to 50 gallons.  Our fuel tank holds 53 gallons and we usually care 20 more on the deck in jerry cans.  We thought we would try it out, and maybe get rid of the jerry cans.  They make it a little harder to walk to the bow.  If we are off shore and need to motor, we will have more flexibility with more fuel.  It isn’t necessary this summer, but it will come in handy this winter if we go further off shore in the Caribbean. 

I used the marina’s courtesy car to go to church tonight.  I found a Total Wine store close to the church, so I made a mad dash through there before church.   They had their beer and wine sold separately from their liquor.  Good thing, or I would have been late for church picking our wine and beer, too.

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