Thursday, August 23, 2018

June 27, 28, 29, 2018 Charleston area

Wednesday, June 27
Since I knew Erin and Joe were driving here, I made myself a dental appointment while I could use their car.  The appointment was at 9:00am, so we left early enough for me to drop Erin and Joe off at Folley Beach for a few hours.  They swam and enjoyed watching the pelicans.  While they were there, everyone was told to get out of the water because of a “dangerous marine life sighting”.  I guess their not allowed to shout SHARK anymore after the movie JAWS. 

On the way back, we stopped at the grocery store to pick up ingredients for a crab and shrimp  pasta dinner.  We also stopped at a fish market with shrimp boats tied up to buy fresh shrimp.  It was $15 a pound, which was about 2 dozen.  I think we paid $10/lb in GA. 

Erin and I hit the swimming pool and enjoyed the marina showers.  Dave and Joe took the dinghy and went all the way to Charleston Harbor and toured Fort Sumter.  It was about 6 miles, but you can go pretty fast with only 2 in the 10 ft dinghy with 15hp outboard motor. 

I helped Joe cook an awesome dinner while Dave and Erin had a competition playing their favorite songs.  Dave and I occasionally stopped to dance.  Who knew we had a dance floor on this 43 ft boat.  As the night progressed, I told Erin it was great to have younger friends that keep us moving. 

Thursday, June 28
We decided to head into Charleston today.  We took off early enough to have breakfast at Another Broken Egg, right by the city market.  We took the free city trolly/bus to the southern tip of the  peninsula and walked through some beautiful neighborhoods on the way to Battery Park.  Then we headed up the east side to see Waterfront park and the fountains.  We caught some dolphins playing in the harbor as we walked the shore line.

We had an early dinner at Jestine’s restaurant.  We remembered their fried chicken from 4 years ago. 

We returned to the marina and enjoyed the swimming pool again. 

Friday June 29
This morning, Joe and Erin took the dinghy for a joy ride into Charleston Harbor.  I used their car to do some provisioning for our boat.  When we leave here, we’re not sure when we’ll be in to town again, maybe 2 weeks.  Dave spent some time doing boat maintenance.  Our air conditioner was being temperamental.  He cleaned the raw water filter and found several bugs swimming in it.  Dave said to be clear, they were “sea monkeys”. 

There were 2 areas where you can see the oil level on the water maker.  One was leaking, so he had the part sent to the marina.  While replacing the one window, the other smaller one broke.  He was able to put a bolt in it instead of replacing the window.  He consulted with the company.  They recommend replacing the window, but we don’t have a location to send the part to right now.  Plus to get this part, he had to pay $40 shipping for a $10 part.  So we’ll wait until we have more time and a place to ship the part.  It will have to do for now. 

We all went together to look for the bolt Dave needed.  We stopped at the Southern General for a late lunch.  They had great sandwiches.  The picture of a general on the wall behind Joe and Erin was of Bill Murray.  He actually live in the Charleston area.

Joe, Erin and I spent some time at the pool while Dave placed the part in the water maker.  Then we tried for more crabs on the dock while we had our fresh shrimp as an appetizer (2 day old fresh shrimp).

Joe mad us an awesome scallops and pasta dinner.  They spent the rest of the evening packing their car to take off early in the morning.  


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