Wednesday, October 11, 2017

August 22- September 4, 2017 Brunswick Landing Marina and dinghy drift

Aug 22-Sept 4
Back at Brunswick Landing Marina, we went about regular boat repairs and marina life.  The owners of the boat next to us returned for a few days this week.  We met Paula and Dave Innis when we were here 2 years ago.  They are leaving this week to house sit in New Zealand.  Sounds like something we should think about in the future.  They are letting us and another couple use their car while they are gone.  Sure makes life easier.

One different event was a dinghy drift.  About 10 boats tied together and shared appetizers on the water.  The plan was to stay until sunset, but we were rained out.  Good thing it was a warm summer rain. 

The marina threw a Labor Day party for us.  They provided Subway sandwiches, soda pop, beer and wine.  All the boaters brought sides and desserts.  We had the picnic outside on picnic tables in the grass.  We were all pleasantly surprised that there weren’t mosquitoes.  That has not been the case all summer.  I was even stung twice by wasps just outside of the yacht club house.  Oh the joys of living near the water and in the south. 

And we have some awesome sunsets at this marina.

we were meeting at dock 1 (out of 15 docks)

This guy was trying to move all the boats tied together further away from shore

starting to rain

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