Sunday, March 5, 2017

February 25-26, 2017 Play days in the Bight of the Acklins

Today was the first nice day we have had since we moved to this bay.  We decided to take the dinghy for a ride.  The south end of this bay had an island off it’s shore called Jamaica cay.  We loaded up our spearfishing gear and made that our destination.  Well, the Bight of Acklins in really a shallow pond.  We didn’t see anything that was worth diving.  But it was great to get off the boat and into the sunshine. 
we kept an eye on that big boy

Dave declared today as “Mary Day”.  He got out our hammock and our swing chair and mounted them on the deck.  We relaxed in the sunshine and with the swaying of the boat.  Then we played in the water for awhile.  Dave checked our anchor and I enjoyed laying on a floatie.  Dave also practiced with a rope ladder that we have for climbing into the boat.  We learned that it was too short to use on the side of the boat.  But it could be used on the stern.  If the dinghy is on the davits, we can’t lower our swim ladder.  So we could use the rope ladder, if needed.  It will also be a good step ladder on the side of the boat if we are at a dock and need it to step down.  Dave thinks we could buy another one and extend it by 2 steps.  Then we could try it off the side.

This evening we played a dice game and a card game.  Fun Mary Day


 Different show every night.

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