Sunday, March 5, 2017

Februaray 27, 2017 Cruise RO Water maker

We needed to make water again today.  We were able to use our NextGen generator instead of the Honda generator.  BUT, the water was testing in the 700’s for total dissolved solids today.  That means it was time to check the membranes under pressure.  It should be around 500 or less.

We had to open floor under our salon table to get to the membranes in the bilge.  We had to run the water maker to get the pressure high enough to run water through the membranes.  Then Dave could drain water from each membrane and test it.  The aft membrane tested in the 800’s, the forward one was 550.  So Dave used hose to bypass the aft membrane and only run the water maker on the forward one.  Dave had ordered extra hose when we first installed the water maker.  That gave us more flexibility for placement.  Little did he know that it would have to be used this way someday.  We are only making water at a little less than 20 gallons an hour now instead of 30 gallons per hour.  Dave e-mailed the company about sending us a new membranes to Georgetown.  We like the independence and convenience of having the water maker.  The other option is to haul water in 5 gallon jugs.  We have 2 as a back up.  But that would be 9 trips to fill our 90 gallon tank.  Or you top it off as needed. 

The owners of Cruise RO have been very helpful through e-mails. 

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