Friday, June 5, 2015

May 27-28, 2015 Matt Lowe Cay

 Wednesday, Dave decided to give his pulled muscle a break.  So no heavy work today.  We did a lot of things on the computer and Dave did a lot of reading.  Always learning something new about sailing, or reinforcing what he does know. 

We made bread again, and it is improving each time.  We may have to buy more flour before leaving the boat this summer.  And we have been paying $4-5 per loaf in the Bahamas.  They are American brands, so you wonder where it is made and how long it took to get on the shelf here. 

Thursday, we needed to make water.  Even if we weren’t low, it’s good to run it every few days to keep the lines clean.  So we decided to go outside of the harbor again.  There is a small island called Matt Lowe’s Cay a ways beyond where we anchored last time to make water.  It will protect us from the NE wind better.  It is a beautiful anchorage in front of a beach. 

Since we were making water, we decided to do more laundry.  Earlier this week it was 2 days of sheets and towels (remember that if you are company in the future).  Today it was clothing.  I prefer to hang my underwear out here instead of in the harbor where boats are much closer :)

Before starting the generator and water maker, Dave always checks the raw water screens.  They are always full of reeds and grass. 

Dave raised the furler fair leads to bring the furling line higher (the line that rolls up and unrolls the furler).  They were running along the jerry cans of fuel on the deck and he was worried about them wearing through. 

Dave worked on the outboard.  When he went back into the carburetor, he checked the drain for the fuel bowl in the carburetor and it had real fine grit in it.  Once that was cleaned, it ran fine.  But with adding fuel, it stopped again.  So he thinks the problem is coming from dirty fuel.  Now we need to figure out how to get rid of that gas and clean out the tank and jerry cans.  Finding the source of the problem doesn’t automatically solve the problem.

I enjoyed snorkeling around our boat and  found 4 conch!  Dave cleaned them by breaking into the shell, cutting them loose and pulling them out of the shell, which isn’t always easy.  Then he has to skin them.   While they were in a bucket, they would stick their “eyes” out of the shell.  Interesting.  We plan to make our own conch salad once we pick up a few things at the grocery store.

Dave testing the outboard motor while I do laundry
working on the outboard AGAIN

conch I found snorkeling

either we scooped up this little fellow with the sea water, or he was inside one of the conch

the "eyes' peaking out of the shell

The "eyes' were on the end of the two "feelers"

going after another one

before skinning

after skinning

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