Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5, 2015 Bahamian Labor Day

Friday was a holiday in the Bahamas, their Labor Day.  So things were quiet around here.  I spent a lot of time using their wifi to get caught up on e-mails, Facebook and my blog.  And it wasn't too bad on my neck.  Between yesterday and today, Dave finished up some little projects.  He changed the oil in the transmission.  And he finished zip tying some loose wires around the alternator.  We are  hoping the predicted rain will hit us.  We will scrub the deck using rain water if it does.  Or at least Dave will.  I am going to use this neck stain as long as possible to get out of any physical work :)

We spent some time visiting with another couple that are stranded here, too.  Their boat is “on the hard”.  So they are above ground, not in the water, like us.  Dave, Dan and the security guard visited much longer.   Dan had more stories than Dave, if you can believe that.  But Dave wanted to talk to Pete more about the Bahamas.  Dave is skilled at interrupting conversations, ask Don Perdue who once told Dave to “shut the f+++ up”. (Richard’s Dad)

Peter, the security guard, is from Nassau.  He said it is like a war zone there now.  My friend Cheryl just sent me an article about how the crime rate in the Bahamas is worse than NYC or Chicago.  And I believe all the problems are in Nassau.  We didn’t care for it, but we didn’t go to Atlantis and the casinos where the big money is.  We were slumming it. 

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