Friday, June 12, 2015

June 12 2015 Great Guana Cay

We started this discussion last night, but came to the decision this morning to head back to the states.

First Dave called Marsh Harbor Boat Yard to talk to the mechanic.  Dave believes we are “making oil” again by having diesel leak into the oil.  This is what caused the "run away".  And until the fuel injector pump is fixed, it will continue.  So he suggested Dave rig a by pass for the extra “blow by” like he had done before we made it to the boat yard.  This will also allow him to pump out the excess diesel/oil mix and add oil if needed.  Plus we will try to run the engine only if needed.

The weather forecast calls for good weather to cross back to the states between now and Wednesday.  We hope to leave the Bahamas and take 2-3 days to go straight back to Georgia.  If we head directly to the Florida coast, we might have to motor  up the ICW to get to Georgia.  Since we don't want to run the motor, we'll sail right to Georgia.  That's the plan anyway.  And we have to be north of Florida by July 15 for insurance reasons. 

So we moved back near Hopetown.  I went into town for a few provisions while Dave started getting the boat ready to leave.  Then we sailed to Baker’s Bay on Great Guana Cay.  We had dinner and ran the water maker.  Just when our tanks were close to being full, the breaker switch flipped off.   Dave didn’t want to dig into this tonight.  And we won’t need it again until we are back.  He said he “stuck it with a sharp stick until it started working again.”  Which means he pulsed the pump on and off until it started working right.  It behaved long enough to finish the fresh water flush and the pickling.  There is a new pump in our future. 

I remember thinking when we started cruising that we had bought everything we’d needed and could just go sailing.  Our friend, Richard, laughed when I said that.  Now I know why. 

this is how the gas truck gets to each island

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