Thursday, July 10, 2014

July 9, 2014 Hookah day

July 9, 2014

Today, Dave and our neighbor, Gary, used our hookah system for diving the hull and helped each other with projects.  Gary needed to replace his prop.  So they took the 50 lb air compressor hookah system over to his boat.  Dave was his assistant on the boat helping with tools.  Then they brought it back to our boat for Dave to clean the hull, especially our prop.  I had the important duty of preparing lunch.  If you didn't know, the hookah is a system like scuba diving, but you are connected to the boat/compressor that is providing the air.

Being on a river in a harbor, they had to plan work around slack tide.  Otherwise the current would be too strong.  So by the time Dave started, the current was getting a little stronger.  So he only finished cleaning half of the hull.  His main objective was to clean the propeller.  Sailors place zincs on the boat to protect the metal prop.  In a marina, there is a lot of current in the water from the boats using the shore power.  Dave noticed all of our zincs had been oxidized and disappeared.  So he replaced them, but that’s a signal that it’s time to leave the marina. 

I had planned to do laundry after Dave finished cleaning the hull, but it was getting late.  So I left anyway while he was under water.  I positioned myself at the laundromat so I could see the back of the boat and flailing hands.  But he survived.

Dave also placed the new circuit breaker today.  He had to shut off the air conditioning while he did that, so that was when I planned to do laundry.  He finished shortly after I returned, so all was well.

We enjoyed the soccer game between Argentina and the Netherlands on the computer in the comfort of our air conditioning.

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