Tuesday, July 22, 2014

July 21, 2014 Rain check day

We spent some time this morning discussing our marina and boat yard situation with the office today.  Since we came in after hours on Friday night, they took our credit card # and said to settle things on Monday.

Everyone in the Cape Fear Marina/Bennett Brothers Yachts boat yard has been very nice and helpful.  Since we were having a survey done this afternoon, they are going to let us wait until then to decide how long we want our slip, a week or a month.

Al, from BBY talked us through how a survey and then the repairs usually go.  He said that he has worked with this surveyor, Brian, and that he is really fair.  But to remember that he works for the insurance company.  Then Al said to remember that he "works for the boat".  He will recommend what is best for the boat.  Especially if he sees lightning damage that the surveyor may have missed.  He will discuss it with them.  Sounded like a good professional. 

Did I mention that it had been raining all day?  Because of that, our surveyor postponed his 2:00 appointment to 3:00, then to Tuesday at 2:00.  So we started some new projects.

I cleaned the heads and made supper.

Dave decided to "pickle" our water maker again.  We haven't been using it because at a marina, we can get water from their dock.  And if we have to take the boat out of the water for repairs, he wanted to be sure it would be OK sitting for awhile longer.  After starting the process of running a 5 gallon solution though the system, he decided to see if there was water in the bilge.  Still trying to track down the "mystery water".  And there was!  He couldn't find a wet hose where it would be leaking, so he ran it again, and we didn't get more water in the bilge.

So he went hunting some more.  He went into a bilge compartment further forward and found water that seemed to flow to the area of the bilge pump.  So he took off the panel that covers the forward shower and could tell there was a little water following the hose back to it's connections, but not a lot.  So he checked the air conditioning unit right below that area and found a pool of water in that area!!  The filter needed cleaning!  So we discovered another maintenance issue.  If we are using the air conditioner continuously, we need to clean the filter on a weekly basis.  Add that to our list.  We will continue to check the bilge to be sure that handled it. 

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