Monday, August 10, 2015

August 5-11, 2015 MN week with family

Wednesday, Aug 5
Hung out in LeSueur.

Thursday, August 6
We drove to Dave’s sister Debbie’s home in Cumberland, WI.  We took the back roads to skip going through Minneapolis and St Paul.  Dave’s mother is 82 and would like to be able to drive there by herself.  So we found a route through Red Wing, MN that followed 2 highways, 19 in MN and 63 in WI.  We stopped for lunch in Red Wing at a restaurant called Bev’s.  It was my sister Bev’s birthday today, so we felt close to her by eating there.  Happy Birthday Bev!
lunch spot in Red Wing, MN

We arrived in time for a nice dinner at Debbie’s cabin.  Debbie lives on an acreage outside of town.   We had a great home made “hot dish” or “casserole”.  Debbie’s grandson, Mateo, has been here for the week.  He is half Mexican and is exposed to all kinds of ethnic food in the Twin Cities.  He called this dinner “white food” :)

Friday, August 7
We spent time driving into Cumberland.  They have an awesome meat market.  So we picked up bratwursts for dinner.  They had about 30 different kinds.  After dinner, we had a bonfire in Debbie’s back yard.  It was a beautiful night of star gazing.  Mateo who is 16, saw his first falling star.  He lives in the city and doesn’t usually see the stars.
Mateo and Great Grandma
Mateo and Charlie

Saturday, August 8
Today, I drove to Wyoming, MN, about an hour from Debbie’s, to see a dental school friend of mine, Stephanie Larson Stec.  We had a great afternoon visiting.  She said she was called by some news company to ask her about our classmate, Walter Palmer, who killed the lion in Zimbabwe.  She chose not to comment.  We weren’t friends with him, so we never stayed in touch. 
Ed and Steph holding their daughters' hats and coats and were asked to be goofy

I made it back to Debbie’s in time for a fish fry.  Mateo, and Debbie’s friend, Randy, caught about 50 sunfish earlier this week.  So they fried them up for us.  This week, Mateo not only caught fish, but cleaned and cooked them for the first time. 
Mateo grilling sunfish

Sunday, August 9
After church, we all had breakfast/lunch at a local restaurant out in the woods called County Line.  I had a 1/4 chicken dinner for $6.50.  Crazy.  It was nice spending time with all of Dave's family at Debbie's home in the woods.

We drove back to LeSueur through Minneapolis so that we could drop off Mateo.  We sure enjoyed spending time with him.  He is such a nice young man.  He plays football and rugby and hopes to go to play rugby in college. 

Monday, August 10
Spent the day at Dave’s mom’s getting packed and having another good home cooked meal.  We have enjoyed our time in SD and MN, but we also feel it’s time to get back to our boat.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, August 11 we will fly out of Mpls and get back about 10:00 pm. 
Dean, Alice, Debbie and Dave

Debbie, Mateo, Alice

Alice, Debbie, Dave, Mateo, Dean

Dave and Mary

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  1. Glad you had a great trip/visit back in your homeland. Can't wait to hear the details on the Yanmar engine repair!