Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 20-23, 2014 Florida Tourists

Thursday: Finally we get to play tourist.  We went out for a late breakfast at the Nook.  We saw a high school friend of Pete’s there, Melissa Beadle.  She is now living in Jupiter.  Small world.  On Jupiter Island, there is a section of rocky beach.  We hiked along there looking at the unusual formations.  Cheryl even climbed down between some for a few photo ops, but ended up getting drenched by a rogue wave.  It was great to check out sea shells, get our feet in the water, and just sit and enjoy the view and sounds.  We spent most of the afternoon at the beach.  We returned to the hotel and enjoyed the pool and hot tub.  Then we had dinner in our room with fresh guacamole, seafood salad, cheese and crackers, etc.  And we played cribbage. 

Friday:  We went to Palm Springs to tour the Flagler Museum.  Henry Flagler was responsible for a lot of the development of Florida by bringing the railroad south and building resort hotels.  He was one of the original owners of Standard Oil with Rockefeller.  He also built the railroad to Key West along the Keys.  His home is now a museum and very fascinating.  If you are interested, read Last Train to Paradise.

Then we returned to Jupiter in time to catch the last tour of their lighthouse.  It had 104 steps.  And the view was beautiful.  Afterwards, we had dinner at a restaurant across the inlet with a view of the lighthouse in the dark.  Very pretty.  We returned to our rooms to pack and play more cribbage. 

It had been a windy, rainy, cooler week than usual.  But it was snowing and cold back in SD and OK, so Bev and Cheryl didn’t complain.  It was still in the 70-80’s.  The dive shop said they didn’t go out again the rest of the week because of the conditions, so we wouldn’t have done any more diving anyway.

Saturday: We all left around 10:00 am.  Our hotel was on the IntraCoastal Waterway, the Jupiter Waterfront Inn.  It was only a 2 story unit with balconies over looking the ICW.  It was very clean and comfortable.  The staff were very nice, always helpful, and had great suggestions for restaurants.  It was really windy today.  Dave walked outside with a cup of coffee and the top of his coffee had breakers splashing the coffee onto his hand. 

The girls checked out a tourist shop next door to our hotel.  We saw a sign that was appropriate for our lifestyle: At the beach (boat for us), life id different.  Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment.  We live by the currents, plan by the tides, and follow the sun. 

We said our good-byes.  They returned to the airport in their rental car.  And we drove north in ours. 

We had a 10 hour drive so we ended up spending the night in Savannah, GA.  We had a room on Bay Street near the Riverwalk.  We had a great dinner and went to an Irish Pub for some great music.  Dave spent most of the week eating our leftovers in the room.  So he enjoyed the night out. 

Sunday: Drove home to our boat in NC.  Stopped for gas and ate at a great Mexican restaurant.  We’ll enjoy a second meal with our leftovers.  
Blowing Rock Beach on Jupiter Island

minutes later Cheryl was soaking wet

Henry Flagler home now a museum

top of lighthouse

Seafood dinner in Savannah, GA

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