Friday, September 19, 2014

September 5-9, 2014 Sioux Falls, SD and Okoboji, Iowa

Sept 5:  I left for Sioux Falls today.  I drove through Groton and stopped at the local drug store to see if, by chance, a friend of mine would be working.  Boy was Nancy Sundstrom surprised when I walked in the door.  She follows my blog, so she knew I was in MN, but not here in Groton, SD.  Nancy and I were classmates in dental assisting school in Watertown, SD in 1974.   We even shared an apartment for the second half of the year.  We have been friends for 40 years!  We were friends when Dave and I started dating.  We have stayed in touch over the years.  We made plans to get together when I get back to Aberdeen later this month.

In Sioux Falls, I went to the home of Sheryl Gerdes Bedard.  We have been friends since 1st grade, 52 years.  Another grade school friend, Lori Landgrebe Schneller, joined us for dinner.  Afterwards, we went to Sheryl’s and got out our high school year books.  We went through the entire class to refresh our memories for the 40the reunion later this month.  Oh my, did we ever share some laughs and great memories.  I am so blessed to have such great life long friends.

Sat Sept 6:  I met Ski for Light friends, Chelle and Steve Hart, for breakfast.  I used to guide Chelle cross county skiing back in the 90’s for many years.  We have stayed in touch over the years.  Her sister passed away with cancer a couple years ago.  So she gave me a pair of her sister’s earrings.  The family had the jewelry they wanted, so Chelle is giving jewelry to friends that are like sisters to her or who cherish their sisters.  That was so special!

Saturday afternoon, I was invited to join my friend, Sheryl, and another girlfriend of her’s, Claudia, for a 3 day vacation at Lake Okoboji in Iowa.  They had a condo rented at a resort right on the water.  What great timing!  I have been to Okoboji several times in my life, as a child with family, with Lori and Sheryl in the 70’s and with Dave in the 80’s.  Dave, Pete and I even came here once around 2006.  We had a nice dinner outside on the deck at the Fisherman’s Wharf on the water.  Then we enjoyed a bonfire by the lake.  Can’t do that on a sailboat.  Sunday we just hung out by the lake, beautiful day!  Monday shopped.  Tuesday returned to Sioux Falls and then on to Rapid City. 
Lake Okoboji

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Claudia, me and Sheryl

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