Thursday, November 7, 2013

November 7, 2013 HulaHula delivery

Our previous boat was a Catalina 25 named Hula Hula.  We sold it to friends of ours in SD before we moved to AL in Oct 2012, Brian and Jackie Killion.  They moved to Cape Coral, Fl this summer but were unable to bring the boat with them-moving van logistics.  Since we were driving to SD to take some family furniture back to family in Oct 2013, we were Shanghaied into bringing their boat back for them.  Who would have thought that we would have to wait out a 3 foot snow storm in SD the first weekend in October?  But Scott, who was storing the boat, gladly shoveled it out for us.  Hauling the boat back to Al was uneventful, thank goodness.  We were able to store it at our marina for a couple weeks until we were ready to go to Florida.  This photo was taken on the prairie of SD.
On Oct 31, we finished the last leg of hauling the boat to FL.  We also decided to take the few belongings we wanted to put into storage to Florida.  We will not have a "home port" that we will return to on a regular basis.   But with friends in Fl, it will be more likely that we will return there by boat compared to anywhere else.  Some of you may be wondering what we have kept in storage.  We have a 4x10 unit with about 20 totes and a couple odd bags/boxes.  1/4  is photos that will eventually be scanned, 1/4 belongs to our son, 1/2 is family items I didn't want to part with.  Dave would have been fine with getting rid of everything.  Remember, we do not have a house any longer.  
We spent Friday putting our things into storage.  The Killions worked on getting Hula Hula ready to launch.  Temperatures reached 90 degrees, so we were all ready for 5:00 happy hour in their backyard swimming pool. 
On Saturday, the boys launched Hula Hula and motored her to their slip across the Caloosahatchee River about 2 miles from the launch site.  Motor worked great, no leaks, mission accomplished.  Now we look forward to sailing with them when we make it to Cape Coral with our boat.


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