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August 7-9, 2022 Julie Bowar's funeral in Faulkton, SD

8-7 Sunday, we checked out, had something to eat in Sisseton and were back in Aberdeen by 2:00.  Jerry Zeller, Vern and Ruth Schaefer had already arrived at Janice’s house.  We all changed clothes and drove to Faulkton together for the wake and dinner.   There was a wonderful gathering of many of my cousins that I grew up with.  Julie’s daughter, Jeanette, told me that within the last couple of years, she was filling out a family journal with her mother.  One of the questions was “who was your hero?”.  She said her sister Teresa, my mother, because she was always so happy and looked at the good side of everything.  That was so wonderful to hear, and so true.  After dinner, we drove back to Aberdeen.


This photo was taken in the 1980's or 90's of the Schaefer siblings and spouses.  Standing-Margaret and Lawrence Schaefer, Charles Zeller (my dad), local priest, Bob Bower, Melvin Zeller. Seated-MaryLou Schaefer, Teresa Zeller (my mom), Julie Schaefer Bower, Dorothy Schaefer Zeller

 8-8 Monday We drove 2 separate cars today to the funeral.  Jerry, Vern and Ruth were going to leave directly from Faulkton to return to MN.  There were so many lovely stories shared by the priest, family and friends.  We enjoyed more visiting and lunch at the church after going to the cemetery.  

Bob and Julie Bowar family
Members of Ed and Lawrence Schaefer family
Lawrence and Margaret Schaefer's family-Bob, Judy, Linda and Herman Kindle

 We were invited to stop at the farm of Larry and Gary Bower, where their parents had previously farmed.  Of course I wanted to stop.  I had so many childhood memories on that farm.  And it was nice to continue visiting.  They had several tables set up in the garage of Gary’s home, across the street from Larry’s home.  They were all playing a card game that looked like a lot of fun.  So of course I had to learn what it was.  They taught me to play Swoosh.  It was really different from other games and any number of people can play.  They will love this back at the marina. 


 Back in Aberdeen, we washed sheets and towels again.  It was the least we could do for letting us stay for several days.
8-9 Tuesday was a lazy day in Aberdeen.  I walked across the street to visit Doris Felix and Marie Crawford for a glass of wine late afternoon, Glen’s family.  They make you feel like you’re part of their family, too. 

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