Wednesday, October 16, 2019

June 26,-27 2019 Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island

Wednesday, June 26
Today we drove to Bayfield, WI and Madeline Island in Lake Superior.  Debbie, Dean, David and Cindy in one car,  Dave, Alice, Peter and I in the another.  We arrived early, so we found a smoked fish shop and had a snack on their deck outside.  Our fingers smelt great all day.  Then we all met for lunch before taking the ferry to Madeline Island.  On the island, a few people rented scooters, others toured the island by car.  Then we all met at Tom’s Burnt Down Cafe.  I guess this place burnt down years ago.  They put up tents and kept it going.  Crazy place.  It was a 2 1/2 hour drive back to Cumberland watching for deer the entire way.  It was great to see “big water” and sailboats.



Thursday, June 27
We spent the day with Alice then had a bratwurst feed at her apartment.  Louie’s local meat market has all kinds of brats and fixings.  Have to go there at least once.

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