Monday, June 10, 2019

May 20, 2019 Little Egg Island and shipwreck

We moved the boat close to Little Egg Island late morning.  Then the 3 of us took the dinghy to snorkel a wreck about a mile away.  There were schools of fish hanging about the wreck.  And always, a barracuda lurking in the distance.  This time there was a group of 5.  We could see water spouts forming in the clouds to the west, so we didn’t hang about too long.

Devyn learning to raise the anchor

giving directions to move the boat as you raise the anchor

enjoying the ride
 Good lighting for photos today.  Devyn had fun with our underwater camera.

isn't a snorkel without seeing a barracuda.  we saw a group of 5 but didn't get close enough for a photo

nice sized grouper

porcupine fish, puffy shape

water spout too close for comfort
The storm broke up, so we snorkeled a couple spots around Egg and Little Egg islands on our way back to the boat.

our boat in the distance

sea urchin

 This is our dinghy ride back to the boat trying to beat the next squall.

We moved the boat closer to the town of Spanish Wells for the rest of the week.  Dave was craving a hamburger after all the mahi we have been eating.  So we took the dinghy into town and ate at Budda’s.  We also caught the sunset at the west end of the island.

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