Thursday, September 14, 2017

August 8-16, 2017 Moose Lake, MN and Sand Lake

On Tuesday Aug 8, we drove to Cumberland, WI and arrived early afternoon. We picked up Alice, Dave’s mother, stopped at Louie’s meat market to pick up bratwursts, etc.  Then we headed to Moose Lake, MN to stay at a cabin on Sand Lake, MN. 

My friend, Stephanie Larson Stec, owns a cabin there.  It has been in her family for years.  She has been doing some work to it this summer.  We offered to help her if we could stay at the cabin.  It was built in the early 1900’s and her father bought it in 1950.  It was a log cabin with a fireplace.  We were here over 30 years ago while Stephanie and I were in dental school together.

Alice with view of the cabin from the road
rainy day view of Sand Lake when we arrived at cabin

Alice loved the cabin

 Stephanie joined us on Wed, Aug 9.  She, Dave and I went to work (mostly Dave and Stephanie).  We let Alice just enjoy the cabin.   They also have a small cabin across the road that has electricity, but no bathroom.  On Friday, we enjoyed a ride around the lake on the pontoon boat.  It ended up being a nice afternoon after a couple days of rain.  We stopped at the Moose Lake country club with the pontoon and enjoyed drinks on the deck.
Mary, Stephanie, Alice on Sand Lake

Steph, Alice and Mary at the country club

Dave and Steph with Buddy

early morning fog on Sand Lake

early morning light in the cabin

gotta love a man in the kitchen

enjoying the deck

Dave, Alice and Steph
awesome fire everyday

On Saturday, I drove into Minneapolis/St Paul.  I met a couple of my dental school classmates in St Paul, Chris Swanson at Tammy Meister and Chris Shirber’s home.  Always great to see them.  I picked up our son, Peter, at the airport about 2:30 and we headed back to the cabin.  He was able to join us for 10 days.  On the way back to the cabin, we stopped in Wyoming, MN to pick up Stephanie’s 2 son’s, Andrew and Tobie.  We had a fun night together.
Mary, Tammy Meister, Chris Swanson

Sunday, I drove to the neighboring town for church in Sturgeon Lake.  When I returned, we all went into Moose Lake for breakfast at the local diner, Art’s cafe.  I highly recommend it.  We spent the day playing games.  And Pete pulled out his guitar and sang for us.  Really miss hearing him sing in our kitchen.  Steph’s family left late afternoon.  One son had to work and one was starting soccer practice along with work.  Her husband, Ed, and daughter, Hannah, were on a vacation together in Indonesia. 
Pete and Alice at Art's Cafe

Pete's serenade
Andy, Steph and Tobie

Hannah and Ed Stec
back Andy, Steph, Tobie, Alice, Pete, front Mary and Dave
 On Monday, after working on a few more projects, we took the pontoon around the lake and ended up at the golf course again.  Earlier this year, we thought we might go to Maine this summer and had asked Alice to meet us there.  Now that we don’t plan to make it, we had frozen lobster tails flown to Alice’s.  We had a great lobster dinner tonight.  We have been enjoying the local corn on the cob, too. 
Steph's dock looking up at the cabin

Dave, Alice, Pete
Mary and Dave enjoying being chauffeured

Mary and Pete enjoying Bloody Mary's with a beer chaser at the yacht club

Maine lobster in MN
On Tuesday, we had to  make sure the golf cart was working properly.  The property is the fifth cabin down a dead end road past the golf course.  Alice took it for a cruise first.  Then Pete and I headed to the golf course and enjoyed their bloody Mary’s on the deck. 
Alice taking Pete for a spin
On Wednesday, we closed up the cabins and headed into town to have breakfast at Art’s again.  Since we were only 40 miles from Duluth, we drove into town and spent about an hour at Canal park.  There is a light house and a long channel that ships come through and under the lift bridge.  We timed our visit perfect to catch a ship coming through.
Mary, Pete, Dave and Alice leaving the cabin

ship passing under the lift bridge in Duluth, MN

Pete in Duluth
Pete, Dave and Alice enjoying a windy day

After leaving Duluth, we headed back to Cumberland, WI.  Pete works for a private camp ground selling memberships for RV camping (besides having his own Irish band).  Their company had a property on the St Croix River, which is the MN/WI border.   We took the back roads and checked it out.  Beautiful place.

We really enjoyed our time at Stephanie's cabin.  We even told her to line up some things for next year.  Thank you so much, Stephanie!

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