Sunday, June 11, 2017

May 30, 2017 Eleuthera to Abacos

OK, we had a little excitement last night that I need to add today.  On the way to our anchorage, we saw something floating in the water.  As we approached it, we could tell it was a fender from a boat larger than ours.  We decided to pick it up.  It had a nice cover, nice lines attached at both ends, and 2 leather wrapped rail hooks with sheep’s wool cushions to protect the rail.  Dave put a notice out on the radio to see if any boats in the area were missing one.  He even called a boat directly, once he found their name on the AIS.  No one claimed it.  Dave googled the parts and figured the set up was worth about $800.  He deflated the fender to stow it and let all the parts dry out.  We can use it ourselves or as good trading booty. 

On Tuesday, May 30 we left for the Abacos about 7:00am.  We had a bit of a rough night, so decided we may as well take off and nap along the way if need be. 

We had an uneventful passage from Eleuthera to the Abacos.  That’s always good.  We didn’t catch any fish :( We sailed about 1/2 of the way before our wind died.  We had Beverly bring us 2 new “birds” from the US.  We put them on the line to attract the attention of the fish. 

We anchored at Lynyard Cay about 3:30 and had a peaceful evening at anchor. 

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