Thursday, September 21, 2023

March 30-April 1, 2023 Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbour, Abacos

3-30 Thursday
We left Green Turtle Cay by 10:00 and were at the Whale cut by 11:00.  The ride around Whale Cay was a little rough, but nothing we couldn’t handle.  And we were back in the Sea of Abaco by 11:30.  We passed the northern end of Great Guana Cay where the “rich and famous” come to play, Baker’s Bay and marina.  We saw a mega yacht, Madsummer, that was here last year.  There were several kite boarders playing around a small island off the shore in the calmer waters.  

We continued on to Marsh Harbour and anchored in the bay.  Lots of boats here this year.  And a few remains of wrecked boats from hurricane Dorian in 2019.  I guess there is a lot of debris on the bottom of the bay, even cars.  So anchoring could get tricky.

3-31 Friday
Dave continued to work on the 20hp outboard motor.  He removed the fuel injectors and cleaned them.  Dave had to hook them up to a battery to open each one.  He held the wires to the battery.  I held the injector and sprayed cleaner through them.  Neither one was blocked.  Dave replaced them but didn’t see much improvement.  Very disappointing.  


 4-1 Saturday
We took the dinghy to shore and walked around town.  It was sad to see so much destruction from hurricane Dorian and how much still needs to be done to recover.  The Mercury dealer was closed on Saturday.  

used to be a great bakery here
used to be a nice gift shop on this corner

this is the street heading to the dinghy dock, minus a few buildings

This was the Bahamian Telephone company building
We found a liquor store and ice cream, so we thought it was a successful day.  We were also able to take our garbage to shore, another plus.  We took a ride around the harbor to see what has and hasn’t been repaired.  The Conch Inn marina was up and running.  They have charter boats to rent, so needed to have that functioning.  Their restaurant had a new outdoor tiki hut bar. 

new building with liquor store

new building with ice cream/sandwich shop

there used to be a dinghy dock here

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