Friday, September 15, 2023

December 21-31, 2022 Christmas and New Year's Eve

 12-21/22 Wednesday- Back to the real world, as we know it.  We drove to Brunswick in time for my appointment with my doctor.  Then I had Dermatology and mammogram appointments on
Thursday.  I also went to choir practice for Christmas Eve mass.

12-24.  Saturday-We were having colder weather in Brunswick, actually below freezing.  So there were issues with pipes freezing.  About 4:00, we realized we couldn’t refill our water tanks on the boat, so had to start conserving.  I was going to midnight mass, so I quickly went to the marina bathhouse to shower before they lost water.  Crazy life on a boat!

Pete came over after he finished work for dinner together and share our presents.  It’s so nice being with him for Christmas. 

 I sang with a small choir at church for midnight mass.  The choir makes me feel like I have family here at St Francis Xavier church.  

12-25 Sunday-Pete came over this morning for our traditional crab eggs Benedict.  Then we joined the marina potluck later that day. A group of us ended up playing cards, too.  Merry Christmas!
A high school girlfriend sent this photo taken in 1973.

Me-Mary Roth, Kathy Donlin Harvey, Gail Weiland Zeller, Lori Landgrege Schneller, Sheryl Gerdes Bedard

12-31 Saturday-Several boaters on our dock gathered on New Year’s Eve to have Irish Coffee.  I brought the decaf coffee.  Then we listened to the Alabama football game, which they lost, sad day.

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