Monday, September 11, 2023

December 20, 2022 Leaving condo in St Martin and returning to the US

We had no running water this morning, again.  Luckily we had showered the night before.  We had enough bottled water to freshen up and do our dishes.  Laura came by to check us out of the condo.  She was so delightful and made our stay more enjoyable.  


We went to our favorite restaurant for breakfast, the creperie.  
I made Dave stop at the French/Dutch border on the way to the airport for a photo op.  

Our flights went smoothly back to Jacksonville, FL.  We arrived after 11:00, so the hotel shuttle was on longer running.  They had warned us about this, unable to hire someone for that shift.  We decided to get a taxi, since they were waiting, instead of waiting for an uber or lift to arrive.  Our taxi driver told us he had been waiting 5 hours to give someone a ride and he wasn’t happy that we were only 2 miles from the airport.  When we arrived at the Holiday Inn, another taxi was dropping off someone form the airport.  He told us he had tried for 30 minutes to get an uber or lift ride.  They would be on their way and then cancel.  He figured they had another offer with a bigger fair.  I sent a complaint to the taxi company about our driver’s attitude.  If they want to compete with uber and lift, they need to step up their game. 

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