Monday, September 11, 2023

December 19, 2022 Fort Amsterdam, Lagoona Bar

We drove to Fort Amsterdam on the Dutch side the island, Sint Maartin.  It protected the port of Phillipsburg.  We could see a couple cruise ships in port.  A friend from our marina in GA was in port on one of the ships.  But it was too difficult to meet up with them. 


the strip of land between the ocean and the lagoon was packed with tourist shops for the cruise ships


 We tried to find a couple more beaches, but again, either they were on private property, or they were over crowded and difficult to park.  We stopped at the Lagoona Bar for a drink.  It was recommended by another boater that had been here in the past.  Obviously, it was on the lagoon.  And it was next to a marina, so common spot for boaters to gather.  While we were there, we ran into another couple that have a boat at Brunswick Landing Marina.  They also flew here, but were visiting a friend that had a sailboat here.  Small world. 

We returned to the condo and had duck confit for dinner. It was very rich.  Probably not the smartest meal to have before flying home tomorrow.  We packed and showered before heading to bed.  

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