Friday, September 22, 2023

April 21-23, 2023. John and Tami's last day, left Spanish Wells

4-21 Tami and John leave today.  After packing, they joined us for French toast on our boat.  We had about 2 hours before they had to catch the ferry and they wanted to walk on beach one more time.  We went to the beach on the west end near our boat and just enjoyed having their toes in the sand one more time.  Tami wanted to go to Wrecker’s, the restaurant at a yacht club.  So they had beers and I treated them to the appetizer saganaki since they had never had it before.  It’s a Greek dish of flaming cheese served with pita bread.  They bring it to your table, pour some type of liquor on it, start it on fire, then put it out by squeezing fresh lemon juice on it.  

 We walked the beach by their cottage one more time. 


 Then we picked up their luggage and I took them to Pinder’s by 12:45 to catch the ferry and taxi to the airport.  What a great week we had with friends for about 35 years.  

They had rented their cottage through tomorrow, so we used their golf cart, wifi and laundry that afternoon.  
I picked up groceries and took them to the boat.  I picked up Dave, laundry, and the laptop and headed to their cottage for the afternoon. Dave took the golf cart and picked up fuel and propane.  Nice to have access to all this to prepare to leave civilization for awhile.  

4-22 Dave took the golf cart back to their cottage by 11:00.  I took the dinghy down to Pinder’s to pick him up.  The island is about 2 miles long and 1/2 mile wide.  They were on 11th street and we were on 29th, and opposite sides of the island.  So it was really handy to be at a dock this week and have a golf cart to use.  We thought the weather was going to be worse with lots of wind and rain.  Luckily, it turned out to be a beautiful week.  AND, we enjoyed sleeping in air conditioning for the week.

4-23 We left the slip at Papa Key Dockage at high tide.  We had to settle our electric bill before leaving.  We arranged to meet the owner at 12:30.  We ran the water maker before leaving just to flush the membranes.  We filled our aft tank with water from their dock.  We have a filter on our hose, so felt ok about drinking their water.  Mike showed up about 12:20 just as we were starting to shut off our power.  We were pleasantly surprised that the electricity came to $90 + $10 tip, since we ran the air conditioning all week.  Leaving close to high tide made for a smooth exit through the channel and inlet.  

heading down the channel
heading out the inlet

We moved the boat to the west end of Russel Island near the Sandbar restaurant.  I snorkeled around the boat.  I made sure to stay close to the boat because there were a lot of speed boats going to the Sandbar restaurant.  I “harvested” some sea biscuits and sea urchins to take home with us.  After swimming, I attached a floaty to the boat and enjoyed relaxing on the water with a gin and tonic.  Nice relaxing day.

mangrove jellyfish

this Brittle Starfish came out of a sea biscuit

mangrove jellyfish

sea biscuits and sea urchins

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