Thursday, September 21, 2023

April 2-3, 2023 Joe and Erin Clausen arrive in Marsh Harbour, went to Treasure Cay

4-2 Sunday In the past, I would call our favorite taxi driver to take me to church.  I wasn’t getting a response from his e-mail or texts.  So at the dock, I used the vhf radio to hail a taxi.  A very lovely lady named Shikera picked me up.  She said that Rinsorr, our previous taxi driver, was only driving taxi part time, and not at this time.  I made arrangements with her to pick up Joe and Erin Clausen at the airport that afternoon.
When I arrived at the church, there were 2 men outside as greeters.  I asked them if the priest still went to Hopetown on the ferry to have mass on Elbow Cay.  He is no longer doing that.  There are people from Hopetown that come to this church every week.  They would introduce me to them when they arrived.  When a lovely lade named Hermonette arrived, they introduced us.  She was one of the readers for mass and asked if we could talk after mass.  It was Palm Sunday.  They start mass down the driveway and walk back to the church together with our palms


On the first Sunday of the month, the church serves refreshments after mass.  I was able to visit with several people and found a ride back to the dock.  When Hermonette and I visited, we both thought we had met before.  We figured out it was 2016 in Hopetown.  She worked in a gift shop.  Her uncle lives in Pierre, SD, so that was our connection.  We plan to be in Hopetown next weekend, so I asked her about the ferry and how she would get to the church from the ferry dock.  She said they would be renting a car next weekend and would give me a ride once we arrived by ferry.  Very nice of her.
Joe and Erin Clausen arrived at 2:30 with Shikera.  Erin and I walked directly to the grocery store, Maxwell’s.  We needed dairy and produce and a few things for the week.  Joe and Dave took the luggage to the boat.  They later returned to fetch us at the dock with our purchases.  We made pizza for dinner on the boat.  It was the first time we have used a premade crust on a stone in the oven.  When we tried to remove it, it slid further into the oven and smeared cheese on the back wall.  Still tasted good, but was a mess to clean up.

4-3 Monday Joe and Erin made a quick trip to shore to hit the liquor store and a couple more things at the grocery store.  We left Marsh Harbour about noon.  We made a stop outside of the harbor at Mermaid Reef.  Erin, Joe and I enjoyed about an hour of snorkeling seeing all kinds of fish on the small reef.



Then we headed to Treasure Cay.   We had never been there.  The marina still isn’t functioning after hurricane Dorian.  We went into the small, shallow harbor and anchored.  It was already 4:00, so we took off to see the beach right away.  We took the dinghy to the previous marina and tied up at the dock.

 It was a short walk across the island to the beach.  We enjoyed swimming and them found the only restaurant open on the beach, the Beach Club Resort.  They normally take reservations, but they had one table they could seat us at right away.  They have a limited menu with specials every night.  Tonight was pizza (which we had last night).  The guys shared a pizza.  Erin and I had salads.  And we shared chicken wings and lobster bites.  Very good meal and the pizza was excellent.  We had a beautiful walk back down the beach at sunset before returning to the boat. 

heading over the dunes

Joe swimming

Joe and Dave had the fruity drinks

view from our restaurant table

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