Friday, September 22, 2023

April 16, 2023 Swimming pigs, snorking a wreck, beach off of Spanish Wells, Eleuthera

This was predicted to be the calmest day on the water.  So we had John and Tami join us on the boat for a day in the water.  I took the dinghy in to Pinder’s to pick them up.  We felt ok with leaving their buggy there all day, since they were closed.  The three of us took the dinghy to our boat at anchor.  After giving them a tour of our boat, we moved to Meeks Patch and anchored.  John, Tami and I took the dinghy to shore to see the famous swimming pigs.  People actually pay money to be brought here to see the pigs.  There was a sign on shore saying we had to pay $10 if we came onshore.  Crazy


Next we moved the boat past Little Egg Island and anchored again.  From here, we took the dinghy to snorkel a wreck.  John, Tami and I snorkeled while Dave followed us in the dinghy.  They loved it.  


barracuda lurking but never approaches you





Tami was stung by the jelly fish
Next we moved the boat between Royal and Egg Island, anchored, and took the dinghy to shore.  There were several stingrays near our dinghy and the beach.  We walked the beach and enjoyed a few beverages.

We moved the boat to Spanish Wells and were able to get to Papa Key Docks at high tide.  The weekly rate was $220, so we said we’d take a week.  Electricity was $0.70/kw and will be figured before we leave.
While we were tying up the boat, John and Tami walked to Pinder’s to get the buggy.  Dave started the air conditioner, but it was leaking.  He stayed to work on it while I went with John and Tami to their cottage.  I started the enchilada that I had made earlier while they showered.  The 3 of us took the buggy to see the sunset, then picked up Dave. There was a second leak with the AC, so we waited to start it.  We all went to the cottage for dinner, which was yummy.  We took their golf cart back to the boat since it was raining.  Some of the streets were flooded, scary going through them.  Dave got the AC going with a bucket under the leak.  He’ll work on it tomorrow. 

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