Friday, July 14, 2023

December 13-14, 2022 breakfast at Croissant Royale, Friers Bay, Orient Bay & Marigot

 12-13 Tuesday  We woke up to having no water at the condo this morning.  Luckily we had bottled water that helped us freshen ourselves for the day.  We went to the Croissant Royale again for breakfast.  Today I had the crepe salmon & sour cream with mushrooms and onion.  Dave had the chocolate crepe with bananas and oranges.  

I convinced Dave to check out another beach.  We stopped at the town of Cal de Sac and checked out taking the ferry to Pinel island to snorkel.  We will come back another time and make a day of it.
We stopped at Frier’s Bay and walked the beach.

another boat on the beach

We returned to the condo and there still wasn’t any water.  We walked to a grocery store in the opposite direction from town.  We had been told not to go that direction at night.  We watched Argentina beat Croatia in the soccer tournament back at our condo.  Then we walked downtown for dinner.  We ended up at Arawak again.  Dave had ribs and I had a pizza with smoked duck and goat cheese.  Both were great.  

12-14 Wednesday Since Orient Bay seems to be the most accessible and cleanest beach, we went back there today.  We enjoyed walking the beach.  Most places rented their beach chairs to you.  We ended up at the place we had stopped before.  We sat in their beach chairs, but close to the restaurant in the shade.  I went for a swim while Dave hung out.  

kite boarders



yellow sail of kite boarder

view of Marigot as we returned
 We cleaned up at the condo and headed back to Arawak to watch France play soccer against Morocco.  This has become our local hangout.  We had lunch during the game.  I had their lasagna and Dave had their ribs again.  It fun watching France win in a French country.  We walked to a restaurant that was recommended to us to make a dinner reservation to celebrate our anniversary.  Enjoyed some Christmas decorations.
Arawak restaurant

view of bay downtown Marigot


We relaxed at the condo for awhile (important part of our vacation). I enjoyed the pool again.   Later we walked to a nearby pizza place that we have passed everyday and it always smells so good.  We had the salmon pizza with smoked salmon, fresh spinach, cherry tomatoes, basil, parsley, oregano, olives and Crème Fraiche.  The other one was Campagnarde with Crème Fraiche, mozzarella, bacon, potatoes, onions, eggs, oregano and olives.  We had to try a couple and take some home with us since the choices were so unique. 

their hotsauce

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