Friday, July 14, 2023

December 12, 2022 Rouge Beach, St Martin & Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten

 Monday.  We went to the Dauphin telephone company this morning.  I only have data on my phone, no cell service, so it has a different prefix.  Obviously, the people at the gas station on Saturday had never seen this before.  They couldn’t refund me the money, but they were able to move the date that we had purchased to my account.  Which was great.
We picked up the snorkel gear and went to Rouge Beach, the opposite direction from our last beach excursion.  We had a nice walk on the beach, but the water looked too rough to snorkel.  We visited with some people on the beach that had been coming here for years.  There used to be a fun beach bar here before the hurricane took it out.  


there used to be a great restaurant/bar on the hillside

Next we tried to check out Simpson Bay.  There were businesses lining the beach and it seemed difficult to access the beach.  Finally at the west end of the beach we found the Buccaneer Beach Bar that had free parking.  We sat in the restaurant on the beach first.  We just ordered a couple appetizers and beers.   We were now on the Dutch side of the island, Sint Maarten.  We tried their chicken wings (which were scrawny according to the chicken wing judge, Dave) and Bittenballen.  They were a breaded ball that was fried and had a meat gravy inside of them.  Good but unusual.  We were allowed to sit on their beach chairs as long as we ordered food or drinks.  So we enjoyed a few drinks and I swam, but didn’t snorkel, poor visibility.  

Back at the condo, I enjoyed the pool and Dave enjoyed sports on TV.  We had dinner at the condo again.  Canard in a jar, duck.  We are enjoying the meals from things we’re finding in the grocery store just as much as eating out.

 Interesting mailboxes in St Martin

front door of our condo

walkway from building to the street
gate into the pool


nice view at the pool :)

happy hour on the deck

we buy these in little jars at Publix back home

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