Wednesday, June 7, 2023

November 9-12, 2022 Alice and Dean's visit-Woodbine Opry

 11-9 Wednesday  We wanted to visit Dave’s mom again this fall.  We decided about a month ago that it would be cheaper for us to rent an airbnb and pay for his mom and brother to fly here for a week than it would be for us to make the trip to Wisconsin.  They were flying into Savannah that evening, but there was a storm heading up the coast.  After spending a few hours looking at all the options, it seemed best to go ahead with our plans.  Dave and I checked into the 3 bedroom house in Brunswick that afternoon.  Dave made homemade bread, which made the house smell wonderful.  Then we drove to Savannah to pick them up late that night.  


11-10 Thursday I went to a physical therapy appointment that morning while everyone else slept in.  On my way home it started raining hard from Tropical Storm Nicole as it passed on the west side of us (not east offshore).  The rain flooded the street in from of our airbnb.  Once the water receded, we drove around Jekyll Island and over to St Simon’s.  We had dinner at Iguana’s restaurant for seafood and free soft serve ice cream.  



11-11 Friday We went to our favorite breakfast restaurant this morning, Maggie Mae’s.  Pete was able to join us before he had to be at work.


We stopped at Publix to pick up a few things.  Alice got to see Pete in uniform at work.  We had a relaxing day and went to a Thai restaurant for dinner, TupTim Thai. 

 11-12 Saturday.  We spent the day running errands and enjoying the airbnb. We made French toast for breakfast at the airbnb using up Dave’s homemade bread.  Wonderful.  We went by the marina to pick up our mail/packages.  We visited with several boaters while we were there.  They enjoyed meeting Dave’s family.  
 That evening, we went to Woodbine, GA to the Woodbine Opry.  They play old traditional country western music live and have a dance floor.  Alice and Dean have been there before with us.  Alice really enjoys the music and atmosphere.  It’s held in a community hall from 6:30 to 9:30 with no alcohol.  This year, they have added dinner which changes weekly.  Tonight they had chili, hot dogs, a drink and dessert for $8.  
We had a fun night of dancing and meeting the locals.  There was another lady there that was Alice’s age.  They became buddies.  

Ruby was a couple years older than Alice




We brought a couple baked goods for the cake raffle.  You can buy tickets for the drawings.  Dean and Alice each won a cake.  Then they kept drawing our numbers so many times it was embarrassing.  We would let them redraw for someone else to take home a prize.  
Then at the end of the night there is a 50/50 drawing.  Tickets are sold and half of the money given to the lucky winner.  Alice Won!!  She won $165.  What a fun night.

Dean let Ruby pick a baked good when we won so many

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