Wednesday, June 7, 2023

November 4-5, 2022 Charleston Celtic Fest

 11-4. Dave, Pete and I drove to North Charleston today for the Celtic fest that was cancelled last year.  They let us use our entry fee from last year. after it was cancelled due to weather.  After checking into our hotel, we drove to the fest grounds for the pre party- a ceihleh, which is concert or sing along of Celtic music.  We enjoyed listening to a few different groups.  We also had dinner from the food trucks.  Before leaving, we watched the “Calling of the Clans Ceremony” where a leader from each clan is introduced.  Fun evening.  Pete and I also enjoyed a few Scottish ales.

sculptures at Riverfront Park (fest grounds)

11-5 We arrived around 10:00 for the full day of events.  There were athletic competitions thought out the day.  There were professional and amateur events.  There was a Sheaf toss, Caber toss, weight throwing, foot races to name a few events.  There was also a dancing competition, border collie demonstrations, whiskey tasting, music at different stages throughout the day, and children’s events.  

Opening ceremony

Introduction of the Clans


some of the clans had awesome clothing

dancing competion

Tea with the fairies


 sheep dog competition

Caber toss


We had beautiful weather, enjoyed watching the events, and people watching.  Pete and I even tried the whisky tasting.  You bought tokens to try the different Scotches.  There were several to choose from in 3 different levels.  They either cost one, two, or 3 tokens.  I was happy with trying the ones for 1 token.  Pete tried a few in the higher levels.  

my favorite


It was a fun event, but not sure we would go back.  We were really impressed with the one that was in North Carolina a couple years ago.  But "a good time was had by all".  It ended at 5:00, so we drove back to Brunswick.  Obviously, 2 of us had a "good time".  One was the designated driver.

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