Friday, April 21, 2023

August 10-15, 2022 Oklahoma and Louisiana road trip to GA

 8-10 We had a late start for Oklahoma today after cleaning up after ourselves at Janice and Jim’s.  We spent the night in Council Bluff, Iowa along the interstate.  
8-11 We finished driving to OK today.  We stopped in Kansas and ate at an awesome taco truck.  We also bought corn on the cob that was borderline of being a little old.  But we hadn’t had any this summer.  We enjoyed it for dinner at my sister Bev’s home in Harrah, OK, a suburb of OKC.  
8-12 Bev is building a new home with her son Kevin.  She will have a 2 bedroom home attached to their home.  She has been storing a few of our things at her home.  We decided now would be a good time to move them to our storage unit.  We unloaded my cedar chest.  We took down three paintings and figured out how to package them with card board for traveling and storing.  We drove to their property to see the progress of the new home.  It was fun to walk through the lot and picture where the house will set.  From there we went to my favorite restaurant in the area, the Royal Bavaria German restaurant. Mya, the youngest daughter, came back to Bev’s and spent the night with us.  We found a scorpion on the kitchen floor.  That was a first one I had seen at Bev’s home.  

Dave, MaKenna, Mary, Kevin, Melanie, Macy, Mya, Beverly

8-13 It was noon by the time packed our belongings and headed southeast.  We planned to stop in Louisiana on the way back to Georgia.  We had a late lunch when we crossed into Texas at the Borderline restaurant.  I had a ribeye steak and Dave had catfish.  We saw one of their 18 ounce hamburgers go by.  The waitress said you can order them as a double or triple!!
I researched a Holiday Inn in Shreveport, LA to be near a church I could go to in the morning.  I think I will think twice about going to a city center in the future.  There were signs in the parking lot telling you to remove your valuables from the car.  Instead of leaving it at the back of the hotel by our door, Dave moved it near the front door where it would be more lit.  
8-14 Sunday morning.  No break in last night, our car was fine.  I went to mass at 8:00am at St John Berchmans Catholic Church.  Hadn’t hear of that saint. 

We drove to Breaux Bridge, LA for the night.  We wanted to hear some cajun/zydeco music   Most live music was on Friday and Saturday night.  But I found a dance hall that had music on Sunday afternoons.  We went to La Poussiere Dance Hall from 2:30 until 5:00 and had a ball.  You could tell it was where the locals would go.  The music was just what we were looking for.  And everyone was up and dancing all afternoon, which we enjoyed, too.  


 We asked for recommendations for dinner before we left.  We were directed to Pat’s Fisherman’s Wharf.  “Take highway xxx and turn left when you hit the levee.”  Now that’s a landmark I haven’t used up until now.  We had an awesome dinner with an assortment of crawfish dishes.  The restaurant was sitting on a canal.  While we were there, we saw an alligator drifting down the canal that had to be 12 feet long!  After dinner, we drove along the levee and circled back to our hotel through the country side.  We were amazed at all the sugar cane that is grown in this area.  




8-15 We headed back to Georgia this morning.  We passed the Atchafalaya swamp and lake today.  Yesterday we had seen houseboats on the water.  So I did some research into coming back someday and renting one.  It looked beautiful and mysterious all together.  


We planned to stop in the Mobile Bay Area at another favorite restaurant, R&R Seafood on the Causeway east of Mobile at the top of the bay.  Our favorite there is crawfish, but the fresh ones are out out season.  We enjoyed raw oysters and crab claws, then mahi tacos and a fish dinner for our meals.  We drove on to Bonifay, FL that night and I swam in their outside swimming pool. Love it.  

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