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July 5-17, 2022 Boat prep for hurricane season

 July 5-12
We continued to prep the boat for hurricane season.  We bought new fenders and Dave placed them along the boat, cleaned the dinghy and chaps, ran fuel out of the outboards, cleaned rust off of the deck and washed it down, mounted both dinghies on the deck, then lashed them to the deck, lashed the spinnaker pole to the deck.  


devise used for running motors while out of the water


I did cleaning inside the boat but helped with cleaning the isinglass of our bimini and dodger, inside and out.  I dried them with a towel so we could store them.  We layered the pieces in older sheets and rolled them to store them below.  We didn’t condition the isinglass at this time.  After the isinglass and canvas were removed, Dave lashed the bimini bows together.

bimini removed
July 13 At my Dr’s appointment, June 29, I asked for a muscle relaxant to help me when my back is in pain.  She recommended we x-ray my lower back, which I had done.  Today, the Dr’s nurse called to tell me that I have scoliosis and degenerative lumbar spine.  They referred me to a spine specialist, who will call to set up an appointment.  Well no wonder my back bothers me!!  

We had dinner with boating friends, Bill and Margaret Sinnett on sailboat Margareta at Tuptim Thai.  They had lived in Japan and traveled to other Asian countries with Bill’s work.  They loved the restaurant, as we do.  But it was good to know the food is very authentic.  
July 14-17. We continued with smaller tasks to prepare the boat.  We decided for the first time to empty our refrigerator/freezer and turn it off while we were gone.  More cleaning inside for me.  Dave finished cleaning deck and cockpit.  He started working on a latch in our aft head.  But it takes 24 hours for the materials to dry, so that will wait until we return.  If rain comes in, it will leak into the sink.  Just hope there isn’t a hurricane.  He treated the fuel in the generator and smaller Mercury outboard.  We had dinner with Pete on the 15th.  Then he came to the marina and played his guitar and sang at happy hour.
Dave flushed our air conditioning unit so water isn’t sitting in the lines while we’re gone. 

fun dock mates-me, Ann Marie, JoDanna and Barbara
Women's lunch at marina

Pete entertaining at happy hour at the marina

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