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July 31- Aug 2, 2022 Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills

 7-31 Happy 67th birthday to Dave!  We were invited to Tom and Sharon Zeller’s for brunch today.  Their daughter Lysann, son, Marc, and friend, Amy joined us.  So did Tom’s sister, Carol, who lives in Rapid.  Then Janice and Jim showed up from Sturgis.  They didn’t want to miss the fun.  

I often see my cousin Carol when I look in the mirror

We left Zeller’s about 2:30 and headed to Hill City, SD.  Brian and Ana Maríe had their food truck, Pates Azules, at an event at the Miner’s brewery.  We made it as they were selling out of all their food.  Wonderful Ecuadorian food!  They closed up the truck and all of us went to the brewery for a couple beers and to visit.

the field downhill from the food truck is where the yoga event was held




We went back to John and Tami Petersen’s for pizza and ice cream.  I showed them how to play 7’s, the card game I had just learned.  

Dave's birthday ice cream

8-1 Monday. I met my “coffee girlfriends” at Black Hills Bagels this morning, Yvonne McCann and Marge Marken.  We used to meet here every Friday morning for years.  Loved catching up with them. 

Mary, Yvonne, and Marge

Dave and I had lunch at Gyro Hub, one of our favorites, but at a new location.  We saw Dr Jon Shaak at the restaurant.  He had been a former dental associate at my office that left on “bad terms”.  Dave gave him a piece of his mind.  He’s been wanting to do that for 15 years, but I made him behave while we still lived in Rapid City.  
We went through all kinds of hoops trying to get an out of state fishing license for Dave.  The online app wouldn’t sell him an out of state license because we still had a South Dakota phone number.  We stopped at Dakota Anglers and the Ace Hardware store.  We finally had to go to the Game Fish and Parks facility in Rapid City.  By time he had his license it was 1:30.  The one day license was only good for this calendar day, not 24 hours.  
We drove into the Hills and stopped at Rapid Creek below the Pactola dam.  It was a beautiful day!  I took a lawn chair and just enjoyed watching Dave and enjoying nature.  He was in heaven.  After catching and releasing a 17 inch trout, he was happy.




We went back to the Petersen’s and had Chinese for dinner and played more cards.  As we left Rapid Creek, we could see a fire had started.  It created a beautiful sunset from John and Tami's

over Pactola Lake

from John and Tami's deck

they have such a beautiful variety of trees in their neighborhood

smokey sunset

8-2 Before leaving Rapid City, we had breakfast at another favorite, the Colonial House.  Dave always teases or visits with our waitress wherever we go.  Today, Christa seemed familiar to me.  We figured out that she and her family had been patients of mine.  I watched her grow up until about 10 years ago.  Dave even remembered her dad, jolly fellow.  Another waitress was former patient who had married someone from Miller, my home town.  She was so glad I had said something and visited with her.  We also saw Bill Walsh as he was leaving.  He owned the Franklin Hotel in Deadwood all the years we were involved with Ski for Light.  It was the place to go to to see people and be seen.  
We spent the day driving to Aberdeen, SD.  We stopped in Kimball to eat at a little “drive in” that we liked.  It was 108 degrees!!  We stayed at Janice and Jim’s home, but they were in Sturgis for the Rally. 

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