Saturday, March 25, 2023

July 25-30, 2022 Traveling to the Black Hills of SD

 7-25 We drove to Watertown, SD to see long time friends Tom and Lesa Franken.  We had dinner at Dempsey’s, a brewery.  Then we drove around Lake Kampeska, lots of changes since we lived here in the early 70’s.  We spent the night with Franken’s.  They always offer, but we are usually just driving through when we visit them.  

7-26 After a nice breakfast and more visiting, we drove to Miller in time to have dinner and beers with Joe and Gail Zeller.  We spent the night with them.  Always fun to visit.
7-27 we drove to Pierre and had a late breakfast pizza at Gater’s with Don, my brother.  We made it to Sturgis, SD by 5:00 and went to Janice and Jim Moore’s new home (sister and brother in law).  This is their second home, but someday be there only home when they are ready to leave Aberdeen.  Nice dinner and relaxed on the deck.  
7-28. Dave had been hungry for a roast, so he put one in the crock pot.  Then he made bread, cinnamon raisin and ciabatta.  Janice and I shopped second hand stores.  I found 2 capris in a smaller size to fit me.  I don’t want to spend full price on new pants because I plan to keep losing weight.  Then Janice, Toni and I went downtown Sturgis.  The Harley Davidson motorcycle rally starts this weekend.  I found a Sturgis t-shirt to take to a silent auction in SD for Dave’s family reunion.  Margaret and Toni (Jim’s sisters) joined us for the yummy dinner that Dave had made for us.  After dinner, I learned how to play a new card game called 7’s.  

sisters Mary and Janice

7-29 After breakfast, we packed up to go to Rapid City for a few days.  We met Scott and Marlene Dannenbring at JR’s BBQ on the northwest edge of Rapid.  I realized when I got out of the car that I had taken Janice’s sandals that were the same as mine.  So after lunch, the 4 of us drove back to Sturgis to exchange the sandals.  Back in Rapid, Dave and I stopped at the Harley Davidsons dealership to visit another friend.  Dik Dahlquist owns his own electrical company.  He manages all their electrical needs for the rally.  It’s amazing how many venders are set up and food stands.  
Our next stop was John and Tami Petersen’s.  They have been very gracious to let us stay with them in Rapid City.  We bought chicken dinner from Safeway for John and Tami,  Traci and Richard Perdue and Terry and Heather Spencer.  We wanted to buy chicken wings from Shooters, our favorite, but they were $3 a piece!!  We opted for cheap, but good.
7-30. We were invited to Harold and Juli Doerr’s new home for brunch today.  They moved to a “town home” in the Red Rocks development.  Always fun to visit with them.  I left Dave at Peterson’s and had lunch with girlfriends, Cheryl Ulmer and Jackie King.  Later that day, we picked up Safeway chicken and sides again and went to Brian and Ana Maríe Killion’s for dinner.  Their daughters and family joined us, Devyn Killion, Morgan and Kyle Wehrle, Kaden, Caren and Makenzie.  Great to see the whole family.  Ana Maríe’s mother was visiting from Ecuador.  We have known these girls since they were born.  Fun to see Morgan as a mommy of 3.  Such a happy family.  And Devyn has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Brian Killion with daughter Morgan Wehrle, and grand daughter MaKenzie

Dave with Kaden

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