Sunday, February 26, 2023

May 1-2, 2022 Alabaster Bay, Eleuthera

5-1 It was raining off and on most of the morning.  I kept going back and forth about going to shore for church, since it was the longer ride around Levi Island.  But at the very last chance to leave in time, we went for it.  Dave took me in, but just waited in town instead of running back and forth.  After church, we moved the boat to Alabaster Bay, about an hour north.  We were told this was one of the prettiest beaches on Eleuthera, and we agreed.  

the public beach directly in front of us
only one "resort" on the shore
only one other boat in the anchorage

Shortly after we anchored, the sailboat Bliss came into the bay and anchored.  We had noticed that they had a couple kids on board, so we decided to take pirate scarves over to them (something we do to meet people).  
We checked out our anchor and headed over to their boat.  They had just said they were going to come introduce themselves to us and insure us that they weren’t stalking us.  We had a great time visiting with them. Their crew consisted of Harry and Daralynn, daughters Celeste and Eden (14 &9), and 2 guests Bob and Catherine.  They had planned to sail for 6 months, but now it has been 3.5 years.  They started before Covid in 2019 or 2020.  And were in the Caribbean when things began to shut down.  They were at an island that was letting those there move about freely, but new people couldn’t come to shore.  And if they left, they may not be able to stop at other islands.  They have been homeschooling.  Harry is an underwater archeologist and does contract work now.  The girls were fun to visit with, too.  They offered us beers and joked about their 30 cent bar.  The girls were always getting refreshments for their parents or friends, so they came up with a menu.  So cute!


They had jokes to share with us.  So Dave had to share a couple Ole and Lena jokes.  We’re finding out that if people aren’t from the midwest/plains states, they haven’t heard these jokes with the Norwegian accent.  They loved them.  What a fun family!!
Tonight, Dave started the dough for a sweet bread to be cooked in the morning.

5-2 this morning, Dave baked 2 loaves of cinnamon raisin bread.  We decided to take one of the loaves over to Bliss this morning.  They were so excited to get a warm loaf of bread.



We spent the day doing laundry and making water.
In the late afternoon, Harry stopped by with 2 lobster tails for us in return for giving them the bread.  He said he goes out before sunset and usually gets a couple lion fish.  That’s when they come out to feed.  He explained to us how he holds the fish and cuts off the poisonous spines.  Now we’re anxious to try it. 




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