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April 18-19, 2022 Rock Sound, Eluethera, anchor buoy, and dinghy drift

4-18 Monday. Many places were closed because it was Easter Monday.  We went into town just for a walk and see what had changed in the past 3 years.  We found the laundromat and talked the to owner, Showboat, who we had met years ago.  He was about our age.  When he was younger, he had played softball on the Bahamian national team and traveled to the US and Mexico to play teams from all over the world.  Great experience for him.  
A woman from a boat nearby had paddle boarded over to several boats asking them to join others for happy hour at a restaurant on the shore, Frigate’s.  The weather was questionable, but we made it there and back between rain showers.  We met 4 other couples and had a nice evening, despite the very poor service.

water spout

4-19 Tuesday We had planned to take our laundry into town, but decided to go ahead and do it on the boat, as usual.  

There were a lot of boats in the anchorage, which we expected to see because of the stormy weather that was predicted.  But again, this was the most boats we had ever seen at Rock Sound.  A new boat came into he anchorage and anchored a little too close to us for comfort.  Dave tried to tell him so, but of course, he thought he was just fine.  Dave had been thinking of marking our anchor with a float and decided now was a good time to do that.  He took a line about 10 feet long with a small orange float, about a foot and a half long and a foot in diameter, to tie to the anchor.  We took the dinghy out to find the anchor.  Then Dave snorkeled down to the anchor to run the rope through the shackle.  Back at the surface, he tied the line at the float.  This will let other boaters know where our anchor is located, since everyone anchors differently according to the type of rode they have, chain vs rope or combination there of, or according to their experience of lack of experience.  
The hard part is when someone anchors too close and thinks it’s just fine.  Now we think we should move to be safe, but we have selected a comfortable safe spot, and there may not be another spot as comfortable, hence the person anchoring too close.  The situation usually starts pleasant, and sometimes the boat will move further away, but if they become jerks, Dave becomes the “situation enhancer”.  Whether it’s going good or bad, he’s going to take it to the next level.  We’re always questioning other boaters on how they handle this.  Everyone has the same complaints.  Dave has considered putting on his snorkel gear and stand on the deck of our boat revving up a drill and looking in their direction.  

can you see the small buoy out in front of your boat (left)

That evening, we visited another couple from Brunswick that were also anchored here.  We took our dinghies out for a dinghy drift.  We tied our dinghy to JoDanna and DJ’s dinghy and drifted through the anchorage as we visited.  People would stick their heads out of their boats to see where the voices were coming from.  They could hear us, but no motor.  People don’t just walk by your boat, so they were curious.  It was nice to catch up with them.  This was their first year living on their boat and first time in the Bahamas.

Dave, JoDanna, DJ, Mary

our boat

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