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April 17, 2022 Easter Sunday in Governors Harbour

 Easter Sunday!!  We purposely stayed in Governors Harbour so I could go to church.  It was a beautiful day and so nice to celebrate it with others.  They even handed out a bag of Easter candy to everyone who attended.  I could tell that my back was improving by how it felt against the wooden pew, less swelling.  And it wasn’t as hard for me to walk to the church and back to the beach.  Good news. 

dropped off on shore for church

my taxi-our boat is directly behind Dave
We decided to move south to Rock Sound today because of bad weather approaching.  There is more wind protection and better anchoring.  It only took us about 4 hours to get there.  I decided to share my bag of candy with Dave.  I don’t remember the last time we have actually had candy on the boat.  We made ourselves sick eating anything we wanted.  

Easter candy

We had a nice chat with Pete through Facebook Messenger.  He had the day off so he went to the marina knowing they would have an Easter dinner.  He showed up after their meal and played guitar and sang, then hung out and played cards.  They have become his family after 3 year in Brunswick.  There are some regulars, but always people coming and going.  

Pete entertaining at the marina back in Georgia

After anchoring in Rock Sound, we had our Easter dinner, which I had started while we were underway.  We tried a canned ham, which wasn’t too bad.

haven't seen these in years.  They used to have a key to open around the top of the can


Easter dinner


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