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April 14-15, 2022 Island Farm and Friday Fish Fry, Governors Harbour

Thursday-Jed was going to drive to Island Farm south of GH today and offered to take me along.  He also asked another couple he had met on another boat.  First, we dropped off Bianca with laundry at a laundry mat.  We drove south of Palmetto Point.  This place was amazing.  They had fresh vegetables and fruits, breads, home made jelly and sauces, some dairy items in a cooler and a liquor store.  And their famous cinnamon rolls.  What a treat.


Dave made a shelf for the closet in our v berth using a temporary shelf he had made in the galley while we were at the marina.  We couldn’t use that shelf when sailing, since it was open and things wouldn’t stay in place.  We haven’t hung clothes in that closet since the first year we lived on board.  They would get too damp.  I store all kinds of thing in there.  Having the shelf works great

I went to shore with Dave to get fuel and a couple other groceries.  I thought my back was going to spasm as I bent over to pick something up.  Not good.
Dave made pesto from the basil I had bought last week.  He used almonds instead of pine nuts.  Turned out great with shrimp and pasta and salad.

Friday- Dave spent most of the day making alterations to our dinghy chaps.  He added some pockets to the inside of the cover to hold our navigation lights.  He also made few alterations to stop the chaps from picking up water at high speed and bringing it into the boat.  He added material to cover the pontoons, but have had this problem that he keeps tweaking.  

I spent the day nursing my back with yoga and moist heat.  I had to be in shape for the Friday night Fish Fry that is held every Friday night in Governors Harbour.  Jed, Bianca and Helen joined us.  I held a table while the others stood in line to order.  You place your order or fish, pork or chicken and which sides.  They write your name on the styrofoam box.  Then you pick it up at a different window with your beverages.  Of course, Dave has to be creative.  Jed was Big Daddy, since he has so many young women as crew.  Helen was Love Boat, since her boyfriend had just left the day we met her and she had been crying for hours.  Bianca was Oohlala because of how she was scantily dressed the first night we met her.  He always puts Pretty Mary on my orders.  I guess he didn’t tell me what his order said.


fresh conch salad was great

this lady had yummy conch fritters

frying chicken, pork and fish

weekly set up

conch salad (ceviche)

view from our table

others were in line while I held a table.  Dave in peach shirt and Jed in green

Big Daddy Jed, Oohlala Bianca and Loveboat Helen

Enjoying our meal
 They have the street blocked off with DJ music.  There were kids having fun doing the limbo.  It was beginning to rain about 8:00, so we decided to head back to our boats.  Just as we arrived at our boat, we had a squall with wind and a downpour.  Remember how I said this isn’t a very good anchorage?  We turned on our VHF radio to listen to the commotion.  Boats were talking to each other because their anchors were dragging.  The wind had swung us towards shore, so if we would drag, we would run aground.  So we ran our engine during the worst of it to hold us in place if needed.  We didn’t have any trouble, but we watched another boat go out to their bow to get a second anchor.  Then they set it using their dinghy.  We watched several of these boats as they anchored and weren’t surprised that their anchors were dragging.  Quite the show.  It finally stopped about 11:00pm, and we felt safe to go to bed.  It’s nights like this that you’re glad you didn’t party too hard and had your wits about you.  We’ve figured that out with sailing, but we’re always amazed at how inebriated some boaters will get.  Just getting back to your boat and into your boat would be a challenge.  And we’ve seen some ugly situations on neighboring boats. 

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