Tuesday, July 5, 2022

March 1-2, 2022 Attaching dodger to the deck and hardtop, and boat prep to leave marina

 Just because the pieces of the bimini and dodger are sewn together doesn't mean that they are finished.  Now we have to attach the dodger pieces to the hull.  Dave installed on the hard top of the dodger a track which has a slot in it for bolt rope.   

That piece was screwed into the hard top.  The bolt rope is sewn onto the canvas edge of the windows.  The front 3 windows are one piece and slide into place using the bolt rope.  The side two pieces were also on a bolt rope, but separate.  All the pieces are made removable to be able to take it down before a hurricane.  The hull had places to connect the bottom of the windows from the previous dodger.  The center section was attached with bolt rope to a metal bar that was screwed into the hull.  The side pieces were snapped onto the hull.  Dave tried to use existing holes, but plans to redo them in the future to fit nicer.  



I helped Dave when needed, but also spend time cleaning fenders to store.  We use extra fenders at the marina during hurricane season.  The blue ones in the photo are deflatable.  Dave made covers for them out of “boat blanket”.  If they are uncovered, they will rub against the boat and the dock and wear out.  We’d rather replace the covering than the fenders.   I deflated the fenders, washed the covers and the fenders, hung everything to dry, and eventually stored them in a mesh bag that Dave had custom sewn for their storage in our storage unit.  

While we are at a marina, we can hook up to shore power.  We have been at Brunswick Landing Marina 3 months shy of 3 years!!  Before storing our power cords, I decided to clean them up a little.  The photo shows one end that had been cleaned so you can see the contrast.  

I have a friend at the marina that is Cambodian.  She gave me her recipe and directions for making egg rolls.  I wanted to try them before we went our separate ways.  They turned out great.  Not really on a low carb diet, but a nice treat occasionally. 

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