Friday, July 1, 2022

December 17-31, 2021- January 6, 2022 Marina life at Brunswick Landing Marina

Dec 17
At our monthly ladies luncheon, we had a Christmas gift exchange. We draw a number, #1 picks a gift, #2 can take #1’s or choose another, and so on.  I was lucky to choose the gift from a friend whose husband is from Holland.  My present was coffee, ginger cookies, Stroopwafel (thin waffle cookie make with a caramel filling), and a small set of Delft Porcelain wooden shoes.  I actually have a collection of Delft Porcelain in storage.  From the squeals I made when opening the gift, no one dared steal it from me.  
We made dinner on boat for our 44th wedding anniversary.  We just had a month of eating out.


bloody Mary fixin's

 Dec 22
A few of us discussed going to Jekyll Island to shop and see the Christmas lights.  We opened it to whoever wanted to go and had a nice group of 7 in 2 cars.  We had a nice lunch at the Wharf restaurant on the ICW.  Another boating friend was at the art gallery weaving with a loom.  We stopped and had a tour of the beautiful weaving that is being done by several people.  We did a little Christmas shopping at the various shops in the historic part of the island.  We ended up at the Jekyll Island Club to hear a bagpipe player play Christmas carols.  By the time we walked to the car, the Christmas lights were illuminating.  We took a driving tour around the island to see others before heading back to the marina.  Great outing with great friends.




 Dec 24 We had a small choir singing at midnight mass at St Francis Xavier Catholic Church.  Nice to feel part of the church community.
Dec 25 Pete came over for our traditional crab eggs Benedict brunch.   We enjoyed the afternoon hanging out in cockpit on a beautiful day, and played games with other boaters in the yacht club.  Then we enjoyed a nice steak dinner together on the boat.  Nice to be with Pete on Christmas.

Dec 27 Dave climbed the mast today to scope out where to mount a fog horn speaker.  He planned to run an extra main halyard for climbing the mast.  It was attached to a weight to drop it drop down inside the mast.  But the weight couldn’t get past the other blocks in the cradle that are at the head of the mast to run lines.   There was no room between them to let the weight pass through.  He will have to devise a new plan.  He didn’t feel like he accomplished much for his efforts.  

the orange webbing is a "ladder"

line to take up to top of mast


Dave's rock climbing days trained him for climbing the mast

 Dec 31 We had a mellow New Year’s Eve this year.  We enjoyed listening to the Alabama vs Cincinnati college football championship playoff game.  So excited that they won and will proceed to the championship in January.  

Jan 6
We have been working on our bimini and dodger for awhile now, well mostly Dave.  Since we added a hard dodger top, we had to decide how to design the rest of the dodger windows and canvas.  We took our time looking at other boats and talking about what we did and didn’t like in them and in our old dodger.  After coming up with a plan we had to pattern the dodger by taping plastic in place.  It is quite a challenge to go around the curved edges and try to get it as tight as you can.  When you make an adjustment in one place, it changes it in another.  I had to work really hard at just keeping my mouth shut and letting Dave adjust where needed.  
Dave then marked the plastic with starboard and port, where zippers would go, etc.  He will now use the patterns to cut out and sew the isinglass trimmed with canvas and place zippers to have 3 windows that open.  

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