Wednesday, March 2, 2022

September 2021 First Car after 8 years and marina events

After driving to South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota to see family that last few years, we decided to buy a car for the first time since 2013.  Another boater on our dock owned a Toyota dealership about 90 miles from here, Statesboro, GA.  So we worked with him to get a 2016 Toyota RAV4.  They were so easy to work with.  We just cringed at the thought of working with car salesmen.  I think they rate about the same as going to the dentist.  Had to add that.


September 17 Another fun monthly ladies lunch at the marina

I usually walk twice a week with other ladies from the marina.  Today we found this library exchange in a park.  Just love the trees here,

Love the sunsets at this marian
Sept 24 October fest

Our marina hosted an Oktoberfest at the marina.  People ask “Why in September?”  Oktoberfest actually starts the last 2 weekends of September and ends on the first weekend in October.  We dug out our German outfits from the storage unit (minus Dave’s German hat).  I even convinced Dave to polka with me.
We brought curry wurst to the potluck.  We cooked bratwurst and sliced it.  Then we warmed them in curry ketchup and added curry.  It’s a sweeter, curry flavored ketchup common in Germany.  Another boater brought jello shots that looked like little beers.  People were inside and outside by a fire pit.  Fun night.

jello shots that look like mugs of beer



There was a replica of the Santa Maria ship docked at our marina for a week.  We were able to tour it.  Amazing when you think about crossing the ocean in this vessel.


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