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November 17-27, 2021 Road trip to WI then SD

We left Georgia today to drive to SD/MN/WI for a few weeks.  We stopped for dinner at the Full Moon BBQ restaurant in Auburn, AL.  We hear it advertised during the AL football games and had to try it.  We still like Willie Jewel’s back in GA better.  While we were there, we had our monthly FaceTime chat with my siblings.  Then we hit the road and made it to the north side of Birmingham, AL for the night.  

Today we stopped at a little town in Kentucky for lunch.  Dave wanted to try a small local BBQ restaurant.  He had a burrito made with pulled pork, Mac and cheese, and baked beans.  Still likes Willie Jewel’s better.  We stopped to enjoy the view in Illinois of the moon rising one the fields and the sun setting at the same time.  We made it to Urbana-Champaign, IL for the night.  We are starting to be repeat customers at Holiday Inn Express hotels.  

moon rising in the east
sun setting in the west

We made it to southern WI for lunch at a place we stopped last year, Remi’s Thirsty Moose, on a lake south of Portage, WI.  They remembered us stopping last year.  We went directly to Cumberland, WI to have dinner with Dave’s mom.  After a nice visit, we headed to the Holiday Inn Express in Rice Lake, WI, 15 miles away.

We drove to Cumberland to pick up Alice and Drove back to Rice Lake to take her shopping at Kohl’s for new jeans.  We enjoyed tacos back at Alice’s  apartment in Cumberland and watched Alabama win another football game.  

Today we enjoyed spaghetti at Alice’s and watched the Vikings beat the Packers.  It was a close game.   Tacos and spaghetti and pizza are Alice’s favorite meals.  

We made our traditional stop at Louie’s Meats to take brats, etc to SD.  After stopping at Alice’s, we headed to SD.  We made it to Sissiton, SD in time to watch our great niece, Claire Crawford, play basket ball and win!

11-23 Tuesday
My sister, Janice, and I went to our niece’s, Heidi Crawford, for Mary Kay facials.  I have been buying product from her for several years.
 But we hadn’t taken the time to review, and see what was new, or what I have been missing.  It was a fun morning.  
We had a fun dinner with our other sister, Beverly Krause, who arrived today along with  Jim and Janice Moore and cousin’s of ours from Faulkton, SD.  Larry and Cheryl Bower drove to Aberdeen to meet us a Logger’s.  They have great food, if you don’t over do it on the free popcorn and peanuts in the shell.  After dinner, we watched Claire play basketball and win again.  She’s a great player.

front-Don, Bev, Marie Crawford, back-Mary, Janice, Cindy Meyers, Lana Crawford, Standing-Dave

11-24 Wednesday
Bev and I met my longtime friend from Groton for lunch.  Nancy Sundstrom and I have been friends since 1974.  Her daughter, Jen, and granddaughter, Alivia, joined us.  She is Claire’s age and will be playing basketball against her next week.

Nancy Sundstrom, Mary

Dave made chili for the family tonight.  We took it out to the Crawfords for dinner.  Our brother, Don Zeller, had arrived.  Heidi is his daughter.  We had a fun night playing games.

Beverly, Mary, Don, Janice, Heidi
Beverly, Claire, Mary, Janice, Don

11-25 Thanksgiving
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner out at Heidi and Glen Crawford’s farm.  We helped bring dishes and Heidi cooked the turkey.  It was a late afternoon dinner.  Then we all played card games into the evening.  So nice to be with family. 

Heidi, Glen, Beverly, Marie Crawford, Garrett, Mary, Dave, Jim, Janice, Don, Claire

11-26 Friday
I went for a chilly walk in Aberdeen today to work off a few calories.  Some of the family went shopping today.  I just met them for Bloody Mary’s after shopping.  We had a German dinner tonight at Janice’s.  We brought brats from Wisconsin.  Bev made her hot German potato salad.

Mary, Jim, Claire, Don

11-27 Saturday
The ladies spent part of the day shopping.  We were home in time to watch the Alabama and Auburn college football game.  Alabama won after 4 overtimes!!  Jim cooked us wonderful South Dakota steaks for dinner.  

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